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Caron Cakes ~ A Yarn Review

Would you rather purchase multiple skeins of yarn or have the option of buying a large one? Sometimes it frustrates me when I look at yardage and see barely over 100. I normally don’t design smaller projects so it really is nice to have such a large ball to work from.

If you’re a fan of variegated yarns, Caron Cakes currently comes in 35 mixed colors. Of course the Blueberry Cheesecakes caught my eye! With fun, food related names, these worsted cakes contain a whoopin’ 383 yards. Despite containing 20% wool, which I always worry about being scratchy, Caron Cakes is comparable to most soft acrylics. Check out the end of this post for a full design using Caron Cakes!

I enjoy working with soft acrylics and Caron Cakes didn’t disappoint! With so many color options, there’s truly a cake for everyone. Working with mainly small projects? Maybe this wouldn’t be for you unless you making multiple small projects… think craft fair or gifts for family and friends!

Be sure to check out Caron Cupcakes as well!


Check out the Tidal Wave Cardigan designed with Blueberry Cheesecake Caron Cakes! Like it? Show it some love on Ravelry!

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