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Sparkle Bath Mitt ~ A Free Crochet Pattern

I’ve always wanted to try scrubby type yarns but I’m not one to be overly excited to make kitchen scrubbers. I’d much rather be making myself a garment or accessory. So when I ordered this yarn, I really had no plans on what it would become. Once I received it though, I knew I needed to make myself a bath mitt. I’m one that loves to exfoliate, and the more rough material, the better. My husband calls my old exfoliating cloth, the Tattoo Remover, it was that scratchy. Now, don’t get nervous, Red Heart Scrubby Sparkle is not as rough as I make it sound. But it is perfect for a exfoliating bath mitt!

I wanted a simple design that was quick and easy to work up! And I love crocheted pieces that I personally use. I’m a rather selfish crocheter. But this bath mitt is also perfect for gifts, gift baskets, and craft shows! Now to the fun part… the pattern!

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2 comments on “Sparkle Bath Mitt ~ A Free Crochet Pattern

  1. Susie

    Hi Can’t wait to give this pattern and yarn a try, but I just need to ask before I zip over to Amazon: how many skeins does this take? It says “4 medium” next to the materials, so I didn’t know if that was how many skeins it takes. That would be 12 ounces of yarn and that seemed like a lot to me. Thanks!


      Hi! This pattern only uses 1/2 a skein. I’m hoping to release the matching soap pouch this week that uses the other half.

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