February: Finish it!

Do you start projects with the intentions of finishing them, then start a new one before that one is even finished? Yeah, I do that ALL the time! What does that leave me? A bin full of unfinished projects. So let’s make February a ‘finish it’ month!

Let me pull out my bin. Counting all my unfinished items (or WIPs,) I have 33. They range from hats, to photo props, to the African Flower Bear. Some of them are my designs, while some of them are worked from others’ patterns.

By participating in this months’ challenge, I pledge to attempt to finish all my unfinished projects! I will count how many I have to begin the month with, and work toward having none by the end of the month!

Find a great

Crochet Project Tracker


From Mom’s Budget

(many great forms also listed on site!)



Share Your Progress

Feel free to post your starting number at the beginning of the month. Then let me know how many you have completed at the end! But don’t stop there! Post pictures throughout the month as you finish projects!

5 comments on “February

  1. Pamela Emerson

    I have 4 crochet and 1 knit. Not to bad 🙂

    • cbucholz@rocketmail.com

      Not too bad at all! I’m jealous!

  2. This reminds me…I really should finish the blanket I started when I was pregnant with my now 2-year-old son! LOL

    • cbucholz@rocketmail.com

      LOL 🙂 Oh yes, those blankets get me all the time too!

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