March: Master it!

What intimidates you??? Is it a specific stitch? Is it cleaning out a closet?

Let’s master those things that has us running in the opposite direction, or that we choose to ignore. And it doesn’t even have to be crochet related! Really think about what you’d like to do or learn, and let’s master it!


By participating in this months’ challenge, I pledge to master something that I’ve been to afraid of trying! Whether I learn something, accomplish something or create something, I will make it happen!


When I finish something I’ve been hesitating doing, there’s a great weight off my shoulders. Even though this month’s task is to ‘master’ something, and it may be very simple, there is a reason we’re putting off ‘doing’ this specific thing.

I’ve been postponing painting my living room and kitchen. With cathedral ceilings and small children, I’ve put it off for years but wanted to do it for a while. This month, I would like to paint during my Spring Break (work for a school.) We’d really like to move to a larger house and this will put us in the right direction.


What have you been avoiding??


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