Butterfly Obsession with Charm Block ~ Block 3

This week I procrastinated. Sorry, Stephanie and everyone else, for making you wait! I took on a organization project and thought I’d have time to whip this baby together later Sunday night. Unfortunately, my little 6 week old decided to teach me a lesson… don’t procrastinate!! It started off with me rushing again. I got one piece done and Lil’ D was up wanting attention. It wasn’t until I went back down that I realized I had only sewn one fabric piece to the paper, not the 2 (picture to the right). Rushing and no sleep = no good!

I did finally finish this morning and I LOVE how it turned out! My favorite color is blue but I love how the purples really look together on this one.  This one has to be the most time consuming but they still are quick little (nap time) projects! I did have a few corners that didn’t make the end of the paper again. I’m hoping by my last square, I’ll not be doing that. But, in the end, it will be sewn together so hopefully no one will see those missing edges.

I decided last week to alternate background colors with a grey/white (this week and the first week) and more of a pure white (last week’s square). Hopefully this will turn out. I’m also thinking about adding an edging around each square before they’re sewn together. But getting them together isn’t for a few more weeks so I’ll have time to decide!

Next week I’ll be working my least favorite color. Orange. Check out my fabric choices and if you’re sewing along with us, feel free to share your work! You can find the Intro Post here, the first week here, and the second week here.  Butterfly Charm Blocks from Lillyella Stitchery can be found here. Find pattern piecing intimidating? Check out this video tutorial for Paper Piecing from Connecting Threads. Tremendously helpful!

Be sure to check out Stephanie’s post about her butterfly over at Smalltown Dreamz!


Want to see what kept me behind this week? Here’s my before and after craft room organization that I was working on. I’m IN LOVE!

Butterfly Obsession with Charm Blocks ~ Block 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the Butterfly Charm Blocks from Lillyella StitcheryLast week, I mentioned that I was hoping to get to Joann’s and purchase new fat quarters as I was not happy with Wal-Mart’s selection. And I did just that! I was very excited to start this week. I felt like I was overambitious this week… and it turned out to be a wild time! After gathering all my supplies, (you’ll see the baby monitor again, I only get to sew in small bursts while he sleeps) I figured I would see how quick one square would take me. THAT was my first mistake! 


But first, I would like to say that I did get my Add-a-Quarter Rulerand it does make things so much quicker and easier! Thought it’s not a necessity, it sure was a luxury to have!

Haven’t heard of an Add A Quarter Ruler? It’s just a basic ruler which comes in different sizes, but has an lip on it so measuring 1/4″ is super easy and super quick! Half way through and Baby was still sleeping! I was getting lucky and really wanted to finish before nap time was over. Or so I thought!

So here, I am… rushing along enjoying myself.. and I cut myself. Do NOT rush when using sharp tools!  Then, on top of that… I got attacked by a spider! That spider may not look big but it was. So here I am, alone, on top of my sewing chair looking for something long enough I don’t have to get any closer to this spider than I already am. I was out of luck. The only thing slightly flat and hard around me was a bobbin of thread. After that, I wanted no part of my sewing room. I left the room just over half done with no intention of coming back that night. All the while, I was chatting and sending pictures to Stephanie from Smalltown Dreamz and she thought this was hilarious! If you know me, you know spiders absolutely scare the crap out of me.

The next day, I braved my room. It was rather difficult though. I kept my feet off the ground except when having to use my sewing pedal. And whenever I went to my ironing area, I would look around to make sure the spider wasn’t coming back for revenge!

I did start doing a little trick, and maybe it’s not a new trick, but it was new to me. My first square didn’t line up as well when I put the 2 halves together so I clipped the pieces in one or more places, and stuck a pin through to see if the lines matched up. If not, I’d realign it. I have to say that it did work out better for keeping the butterfly even.

Needless to say that after the butterfly charm square, I was ready to keep sewing! I actually hemmed 5 pairs of pegs and fixed a cardigan after this block was complete.

Check out how Stephanie’s week went over at Smalltown Dreamz!


Butterfly Obsession with Charm Blocks ~ Week 1, Block 1

Last week I talked about the start of the Butterfly Charm Blocks from Lillyella Stitchery sew a long and I’m really hoping you’re joining in the fun…because as intimated as I was before starting, this is SO MUCH FUN! I can’t believe how easy paper piecing actually is! If you missed last week’s post, you can find it here.  The video tutorial for Paper Piecing from Connecting Threads that I linked last week was so helpful! That and Stephanie worked her entire square before I even started mine so she told me tips as she worked along. I have to agree with her biggest tip… IRON!! I didn’t originally have my iron handy when I gathered my supplies but after my first line sewn, I got it prepped it it really did make all the difference. 

The supplies I used was a clear sewing ruler. I did order the Add A Quarter ruler but it won’t be getting to me until today so we’ll see how much more helpful that ruler is over this coming week. I did have a magazine insert as the video tutorial suggested which was also more helpful that I thought it would be. I always have my tablet on hand to read pattern directions but in this case, I watched the tutorial on it. And of course I work around my one month old’s napping schedule so you see my baby monitor.

I was nervous with my first piece (as shown to the left), it didn’t look like anything special. It wasn’t until the end that it came together nicely. By the time I finished my first piece, I had it down pat! I really cannot express enough how easy this really is! This next week I’ll be timing myself to see really how long one square takes me but I really don’t think it took over an hour even with it being my first time.  


As you can see from the picture to the right, the magazine insert is great for making nice crisp lines! And it’s a free tool, so why not!?! Card stock would also work just as well.

My end result is slightly off centered with the top half cut off more than it should be but for my first attempt, I’m pretty proud at how it turned out! Stephanie’s purple block turned out AMAZING as well! Be sure to check out her’s at Smalltown Dreamz.

My next color will be yellow but I’m really disappointed at our Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart’s selection of fat quarters so I’m hoping to make a Joann’s run before next week’s post!

If you’re joining in the sewing fun, I’d love to see how your project is turning out! Feel free to post pictures on or tag me on any social media site!

Butterfly Obsession and a New Sewing Adventure!

Hello! If you know me at all, you know I have a butterfly obsession! So when my crafty bestie, Stephanie from Smalltown Dreamz, asked if I wanted to do a butterfly Sew-a-long using the Butterfly Charm Blocks from Lillyella Stitchery, I was ecstatic! I’m always up for learning new techniques, and though sewing is rather new to me in general, any kind of quilting or pattern piecing (as in this case), is completely new to me.  I’ve found a love for making clothing in both crochet and sewing (and I’m a rather selfish crafter, only wanting to make myself items), so I’ve never done anything remotely close to quilting.

We’ve decided to make a 9 square wall hanging and would love for anyone wanting to sew-a-long with us, to join! This is a free pattern and got great reviews on Craftsy.

Each week we’ll be posting about our newest square and possibly a sneak peek of the fabric for the following week. This coming week, I’ll be making my first square in blues (of course)! And if you plan on working along with us, Stephanie found a great video tutorial for Paper Piecing from Connecting Threads. I was very intimidated by this project but the tutorial has eased my mind and has me all the more excited to get sewing!

If this project goes well for me, I do plan on making a Take Wing Wall Hanging from Lillyella Stitchery and Maybe the Unicorn from Chelsea Hilton Quilts … but those are definitely farther down the road on my ‘to do’ list.


Fishing for Kyler!

My husband and I just took a long weekend and spent it up at the family’s cabin. Though I always enjoy time up there, I will chose to go later in the year due to ticks being an overabundance! And by overabundance, I mean I had one on me! Yes, I’m slightly freaked out by ticks!! And my oldest son was the only to escape their horrible nature. But, besides the unpleasant insects, it was a lovely time.

My oldest son even came up with a game all on his own! I call it, Fishing For Kyler- Kyler being my youngest son.  Hope you enjoy watching it!

hug tell smile

The Other Side!

I often find myself doing things outside my crochet life and wanting to blog or write about them. Though I’m sure my life is somewhat boring, I still want to share the things that go on in my life and yet, don’t want to mix my crochet blog and page with a million other things so…. That’s what started me on this- the other side of me!


Kyler: My youngest

Kyler just turned 3. He is the reason I got into knitting and crocheting. Though he was a hard baby, he’s turning out to be quite the little personality! He loves letters and numbers. He, unlike my other, like to keep to himself and gets very overwhelmed when there are too many people are around. He’s just starting to talk more than a few words but I truly believe he is behind in his speech because his older brother never lets him get a word in!

Kyler is still in that toddler stage, which I love, but yet I see him starting to grow out at a very fast rate. I will miss that stage the most!

My Boys:

Two carbon copies of their daddy but with two totally different personalities.

My boys!

Ethan: My oldest

Ethan will be 6 within a few months and starts kindergarten this coming fall. I’m very excited and very scared! He is a very outgoing child and loves to be around people but he also never, ever stops talking. I believe that will be our biggest problem when he finally does start school. His favorite things are legos and  he loves to swim. He has a mind that races from one subject to the next… though I’m sure that’s like most children his age.

Though he’s at a stage where I find myself losing my patience more than enjoying my time with him, he’ll forever be my baby even though he points out he’s now a big boy every time I tell him that!


My Husband

My husband and I have been together since May 2002. I still tease him about standing me up on our first date. I was so nervous and he never showed up. He did eventually get in contact with me and apparently gave a good excuse though I can’t remember what it was. I did go on a date with him after that and we clicked.  Though I would probably still be waiting to marry the man today if I didn’t propose to him. We got married May 11, 2007  and been happy (mostly) since! He spoils me rotten, though sometimes he makes me wait for the bigger things I want. How dare I want a $1700 laptop NOW, without doing the research or seeing if I really need one! But eventually he gives in to be, but that’s okay. It goes both ways! (He is very spoiled, too!)


So that’s me in a nutshell!! Besides my family, I love to read, cook, go up to the family cabin, listen to music and so much more! And this is the place where I can share that ‘other side’ of me!!