Again, it’s always nap time that gets me into a sewing mood. In fact, baby D is sleeping right now and I’d rather be doing some selfish sewing than blogging right now. Unfortunately, if I put it off for another nap time, I’m likely to forget! Those sleepless night has me zombie-fied, or as I like to call it, I’m a Mombie!

If you’re just joining along, Stephanie from Smalltown Dreamz and I are creating a wall hanging using the FREE pattern Butterfly Charm Blocks from Lillyella Stitchery.  Check out previous posts to see Block 1Block 2Block 3, and Block 4. This week I worked on my pink butterfly. Pink is one of my least favorite colors (good thing I have all boys) so I wasn’t as excited as I am when working with blues and purples. But after last week’s orange turning out great, I was excite to see how I’d feel about the pink one.

Again, I’m in love! It seems that no matter what color the butterflies are, they turn out amazing. At least I think so! I finished the complete butterfly within an hour. I love making these squares! I plan on making them after this wall hanging is compete when I need a quick sewing fix!

See? He hasn’t moved much through the whole process! I think the sound of my sewing machine helped with some background noise.

Check out Stephanie’s block this week here!

Working along with us? We’d love to see your projects! Feel free to post them in the comment or on any of the Crystalized Designs’ social media sites!

Next week I’ll be working up Pepper in blues. Yes, with blue being my favorite color, I’ll have 2 blue butterflies within my wall hanging! So far which is your favorite of mine? Do you know how to paper piece?


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  1. Stephanie Jennings

    These are so fun to watch every week!!

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