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Heart Paper Piecing Tutorial ~ A Free Sewing Pattern

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Do you LOVE sewing? Create this small heart quick and fun heart paper piecing pattern! Not sure how to paper piece? There’s a video tutorial showing how below. Once you’ve mastered the art of paper piecing, create this little wall hanging by creating 3 squares and joining them together.Small Heart Paper Piecing Sewing Pattern and Tutorial by Crystalized Designs

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Below you can find written directions and a video tutorial on how to create the 6″ heart block. Check out how to turn 3 blocks into a wall hanging below all instructions. Looking for more paper piecing patterns? Check out the Ball of Yarn Paper Piecing Pattern here. Happy Sewing!

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Download the Small Heart Paper Piecing Template



Helpful tools for this pattern:




  • This pattern makes a 6″ square. Once sections are complete, square should measure 6.5″ with the .25″ seam allowance border.
  • Basic paper piecing knowledge needed. Find a paper piecing tutorial here.
  • ¼” seam allowance (shown by faded border along each piece).
  • There are 6 sections to this piece.
  • Use pins to check point connections from one side to the other, clips to hold pieces in place.
  • Trim fabric around sections after completed.


Printing requirements:

  • 5 x 11″ paper
  • Print Borderless
  • Also, print pattern pieces using actual size, do not scale to fit
  • Print single sided
  • Yardage below for 3 blocks:

Small Heart Wall Hanging Fabric Yardage heart only


Small Heart Paper Piecing Sewing Block Graphic

You are free to sell your work from this pattern but may not share, copy or reproduce this pattern, in part or in whole. Photographs are copyright protected and may not be used. When selling your work, include a link back to this pattern as well as the following, “Pattern by Crystalized Designs”


Once individual paper piece are cut out, sew pieces in numerical order (piece 1 wrong side of fabric to wrong side of paper, additional pieces right sides of fabric together). Trim access fabric as close to seam allowance line as possible. Sew sections with right sides together.

Press after attaching each piece. Piece section A to B. Set aside.

Small Heart Paper Piecing Sewing Step 1

Press after each attachment. Piece section G to F.

Small Heart Paper Piecing Sewing Step 2

Then piece to section A. Set aside.

Small Heart Paper Piecing Sewing Step 3

Press after each attachment. Piece section C to D.

Small Heart Paper Piecing Sewing Step 4

Then piece D to section E.

Small Heart Paper Piecing Sewing Step 5

With first piece, piece A to C, D, and E. (Faded area shows previously attached.)

Small Heart Paper Piecing Sewing Step 6

Create the 7”x20” wall hanging following guide below:

Small Heart Paper Piecing Sewing Wall Hanging

(Basic quilting knowledge required)


Yardage for entire wall hanging listed below:

Small Heart Wall Hanging Fabric Yardage Wall Hanging






Yardage for backing and batting listed below:

Small Heart Wall Hanging Backing Fabric Yardage





To create Small Heart Table Topper Quilt, make 3 heart squares. Rotary cuts are as follows:

  • Two 7.5” x 2” (Top and Bottom of Wall Hanging)
  • Two 19.5” x 2” (Both Sides of Wall Hanging
  • Two 6.5” x 1” (Between Heart Squares in Middle

Small Heart Paper Piecing Sewing Wall Hanging Guide

Assembly Instructions:

  • Sew middle cuts between top and middle
  • Then, sew side cuts on both sides
  • Lastly, sew top and bottom cuts
  • Add batting
  • Sew backing


Optional: Add hanging loops with extra

Fabric or ribbon



More About Crystalized Designs

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Above all, thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoyed the pattern! Leave a comment below and again, I would love to see any pictures! Also, you can find me on Facebook, in my Facebook Group, or Instagram! I’d love for you to share on Pinterest! I’d be happy to follow you back on any social media, just leave a link below! However, if you want to see something from Crystalized Designs, I’m interested to hear! Feel free to email me with any suggestions. Therefore, you can email me at [email protected] or use the contact form.

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Heart Paper Piecing Sewing Tutorial by Crystalized Designs

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Heart Paper Piecing Tutorial ~ A Free Sewing Pattern
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