November 4

3D Notes and Lists

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Do you like lists? Do you lose your lists? Yeah, me too! I can’t even tell you how many lists I have laying around. I think of myself as being organized but how can an organized person lose their lists so easily? Well, in my case, I’m not as organized as I like to think I am. And I have small children… enough said! A little slip of paper, or a full sheet for that matter, can easily get misplaced. What do you do when that happens? Improvise! Make yourself a reusable 3D list or note, and you can do it for less than $3!

Find out how below and be sure to stay tuned to next week’s Tip Tuesday!

3D notes

This is an easy to make, cheap project that can be very useful. These are the supplies you will need:

  • Standing Frame
  • Paper (design/color of choice)
  • Dry Erase Markers (colors of choice)
  • Paper cutter or scissors
supplies for 3D list
The Standing Frames come in a variety of sizes. You can make one with a standard picture frame or even the magnetic frames. Check out your local general stores, craft stores, or dollar stores. What about the paper? If your following this blog, you’re a crafter. If your not and you’re still here, glad your here but most crafty people are familiar with their local hobby stores. A large variety of paper can be found there and the others already mentioned, but also office stores. Dry erase markers can be found at most of these places as well. The paper cutter is a little more hard to find but I can’t think of any craft store that wouldn’t have them. Can’t find one? A scissors will do just fine!

So what to do? It’s easy, peasy! And here’s how….

Remove the packaging, if any, from the frame. Take out the advertisement photo. Align this insert with the corner of your paper. Cut out using either the paper cutter or scissors. Insert paper of choice, cut to the size to fit the frame, into the frame. Remove markers from packaging and VOILA!! You have a reusable 3D standing frame perfect for lists, reminders, notes, menus, and so much more!

cut paper for 3D Frame

And the best part?

Change up the paper easily for different seasons or reasons!


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  1. This is a great ideal. I have one of those frames with magnetic strips on the back. It will be perfect for this. I like the dry erase idea. Thanks.

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