August 17

80 Patterns Released, Let’s Celebrate!

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Wow, I’m amazed! When I designed my first pattern, I feel in love all over with the craft. Making Let's Celebrate 80 Patterns Released!things from other patterns was always a pleasure, and I still love to do it, but creating something of my own, and then seeing others create items from it, took on a whole new level… in many ways! Despite frustration, frogging and occasionally dropping the F bomb trying to achieve the perfect design, the feeling of success afterwards brought me more joy than I thought possible. And then it increased even more! People made items, showed pictures, shared my work! It’s an amazing feeling to have something I love to do, turn into pieces of art that others love and cherish as well. YOU… my fans, followers, customers, my supporters…. make this dream of mine come true! I was always in awe of those designers that had 50+ patterns out there. Now I have 80!! What a huge milestone! Now I look at those with 100+… and I can’t wait to get there! But for now, let’s celebrate 80 patterns released in my Ravelry store now through Sunday, August 23, 2015!

Use code: celebrate80

Have a great week and be on the look out! I have EIGHT patterns in the works! WOWZERS!                                                                                                    Hug Tell Smile png


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