April 2

Appreciation April Challenge

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Appreciation April Crochet ChallengeA new month has begun and that brings a whole new challenge! This may seem easy, but it may not be. Do you express appreciation easily? If so, then it’ll be a breeze. If not, this may be more difficult for you. Regardless if it’s hard or not, we should appreciate those around us. I feel like there are so many people in the fast lane these days (figuratively speaking), and I’ll admit I catch myself doing the same. Life is too short. I want to slow down and burn memories in my mind, not miss them. My children are growing too fast, by first born is already going to be in double digits this year! But enough of that… on to the challenge!


We’ve made a month just for us (January), we’ve finished the unfinished (February) , and we’ve missed a month (March… oops!). Now, let show our appreciation! I believe in showing gratitude, and there is so many people in our lives that make us who we are! So this month I pledge this:

By participating in this months’ challenge, I pledge to tell and/or show 6 people that I appreciate them! I will make a sincere effort to portray exactly how much they mean to me.

I chose 6 people. You can show more or less, this is completely up to you! This list also doesn’t have to be the most important people in your life, it could be as simple as a neighbor who plows your driveway knowing you would have to shovel or a complete stranger that does something unexpectedly nice!


And here’s my list, though I won’t be able to tell you exactly how I show my appreciation until I actually figure out how I’m going to tell/show them.

  • My husband (who put up with a lot from me)
  • One of my sisters
  • My Aunt
  • My Mother
  • My Mother-in-law
  • Someone yet to be determined

I can’t wait to hear about your progress in this month’s challenge! Feel free to let me know on the Crystalized Designs Facebook Page, in the Crystalized Designs Facebook Group, or tag me with your picture on Instagram (@crystalizeddesigns)!

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