August 17

Caterpillar Clip

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Boys will especially love this one! Boys and bugs seem like a way of life when their younger! And who doesn’t love a fuzzy caterpillar? These can also be a great way to mark the height of a child!

What you need:

Clothes Pins

Pom Poms


Newspaper (optional)

Googly Eyes (optional)



With newspaper protecting your work surface, take a clothes pin (which can be multiple sizes) and Pom Poms that will fit across the pin. On one long side of the clothes pin, put a generous amount of glue down. Place pom poms on glue as desired. Allow glue to dry completely.

If working with multiple children, have them write their names on one side of the clip before adding pom poms. I also found out the hard way, the mini clothes pins don’t hold event he small pom poms well!

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