July 10

Daydreamer Pillows ~ A Free Crochet Pattern

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If you're like me and love to proclaim your love of crochet in every room in your house, you've come to the right place! Get your yarn and hook ready, this boho pillow crochet pattern is coming right to you!

Free Boho Pillow Crochet Pattern

This pattern uses the Furls Crochet Daydreamer Palette Pack but there are so many other color combinations to choose from. Which is your favorite Palette

These pillows are part of the 2021 Stash Busting Crochet Pattern of the Month!

Please email [email protected] for any support questions.

Looking for the matching Daydreamer Blanket crochet pattern? Find it on the Furls blog!

Free Boho Pillow Crochet Pattern

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Colorful Boho Pillow Crochet Pattern



14" and 16"


11 stitch pattern repeat x 10 rows = 4"

Furls  Odyssey Crochet Hooks were used to create this crop top crochet pattern. When using these hooks, my gauge differed from when using a different brand. Please always check gauge to ensure the best project!

Pattern Key:

» Ch(s): Chain(s)
» Sc: Single Crochet
» Hdc; Half Double Crochet
» Dc(s): Double Crochet(s)
» Sl st: Slip stitch
» St(s): Stitches



Limited Time Only!


You missed out!

Daydreamer Pillow Free Crochet Pattern

You are free to sell your work from this crop top crochet pattern but may not share, copy or reproduce this pattern, in part or in whole. Photographs are copyright protected and may not be used. When selling your work, include a link back to this pattern as well as the following, “Pattern by Crystalized Designs”

Boho Pillow Crochet Pattern Instructions

16” Pillow: Ch 44
14” Pillow: Ch 40

R1: [dc, sc] in 3rd ch from hook, *dc in next, sc in next, repeat * across to last ch, [dc, sc,
dc, sc] in last ch, rotate to work down opposite side of ch, **sc in next, sc in next, repeat across to last ch, [dc, sc] in last ch (will have first dc and sc already worked into it), join – 80, 88 sts

R2: Turn, sl st in next sc, ch 1, dc in same, sc in next, *dc in next, sc in next, repeat * around, join – 80, 88 sts

Repeat Row 2 until there are a total of (35, 40) rows. See charts below for color changes.
Add zipper to last round worked.

Set One

Set Boho Pillow Crochet Pattern

14” Pillow:
1 Round Surf
1 Round Amethyst
5 Rows Mist
2 Rows Surf
3 Rows Snow
2 Rows Surf
2 Rows Amethyst

3 Rows Snow
2 Rows Amethyst
2 Rows Sunrise
3 Rows Snow
2 Rows Sunrise
5 Rows Mist
1 Row Amethyst
1 Row Sunrise

16” Pillow:
10 Rounds in Amethyst
5 Rounds in Mist
10 Rounds in Sunrise
5 Rounds in Snow
10 Rounds in Surf

Set Two

Set Boho Pillow Crochet Pattern

14” Pillow:
1 Round Snow
6 Rounds Sunrise
1 Round Snow
1 Round Sunrise
2 Rounds Mist
1 Round Snow

7 Rounds Amethyst
1 Round Snow
3 Rounds Mist
9 Rounds Surf
1 Round Snow
1 Round Surf
1 Round Mist

16” Pillow:
9 Rounds Snow
2 Rounds Sunrise
5 Rounds Surf
6 Rounds Sunrise
5 Rounds Amethyst
2 Rounds Sunset
11 Rounds Mist

And that, my friend, is how to make the Daydreamer Pillows!

More About Crystalized Designs

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Above all, thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoyed the boho pillow crochet pattern! Leave a comment below and again, I would love to see any pictures! Also, you can find me on Facebook, in my Facebook Group, or Instagram! I’d love for you to share on Pinterest! I’d be happy to follow you back on any social media, just leave a link below! However, if you want to see something from Crystalized Designs, I’m interested to hear! Feel free to email me with any suggestions. Therefore, you can email me at [email protected] or use the contact form.

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Daydreamer Pillow Free Crochet Pattern by Crystalized Designs

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