October 29

Design Wars Interview!

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Today I got the chance to chat with Salena, founder of Design Wars and Baca Creations! Though I was nervous, it was a lot of fun to finally get to talk with her about the Design Wars Heads Up Challenge. Be sure to check it out and if you have some patterns on your wishlist, there’s a coupon code!


Earlier this week, I asked for some questions that you’d like to hear me answer and though this interview was short and sweet, some very good questions were asked that I’d love to answer! Check out below for some more questions answered and feel free to ask more!

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Here are some more questions answered:

Q) What Yarn did you love the most that was picked by design wars?? 
A) Round 5 was my favorite and I fell in love with that yarn! Red Heart Soft is now my favorite yarn. It’s soft, easy to work worth and YUMMY!! Not only is there a wide variety of solid colors, their variegated is amazing too!

Q) How did you learn to crochet? Was there a special influence that pushed you towards this gift?
A) I learned to crochet after I picked up knitting while I was pregnant with my youngest son. I was put on a mild bed rest (because who really can stay off their feet with a two year old??) and needed something to fill my time. Photography is another passion of mine and I wanted some knit photography props for his newborn photos. I’m self taught in both knitting and crochet and what was supposed to be a time filler is now an almost-obsessed passion of mine!

Q) Who or what inspires you most?
A) This question will be answered more in my Design Wars project description… well, if you can read it!

Check out all the past Design Wars Designs here and be ready for the sneak peeks coming out this Friday! ‘Beat the Clock’ is my modified version of a Staying On Task tip from Heritage Heartcraft! You can read more about how she stays on task on her blog!

So until the big reveals, any guesses on my design???

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