August 1

Designer Review ~ The Hooked Haberdasher

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The Hooked Haberdasher, another amazing designer, gets the spotlight this month! Wendy’s designing really shows her personality – beautiful, elegant, fun and colorful! With 28 current designs, Wendy offers a variety of patterns. Ranging from garments to hats to pincushions, there is something for everyone!
The Hooked Haberdasher

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Wendy at The Hooked HaberdasherWendy is a delight to work with as she also is a co-host to The Community Link Party you find on the blog every Tuesday, but she’s also an amazing person! One of my first questions was about her choice of business name, I’m not going to lie, I had to google ‘haberdasher’. But here’s what she had to say:

Before I started designing crochet patterns, I had an Etsy shop for made to order. The company name says it all – The Hooked Haberdasher = I sell crochet, and I liked the name, so kept it as my company name.

How long have you been crocheting? What got you started?

I was blessed with two dear Grandmothers who were wonderfully gifted and loved all the arts of handcrafting. At their knee, a wee little blonde girl learned the fine art of crochet under their wise tutelage. Now that little girl has grown up, enjoying a lifestyle that affords me the time to put hooks, yummy yarns and fibers back into my hands, returning to the joy and fun of the art of handcrafted crochet. The Hooked Haberdasher is the third company I’ve launched as a sole-proprietor and is my favorite! My hands are never idle; designing and publishing both free and paid crochet patterns. As a very detail oriented artist, I design and crochet with love, embracing the virtues bequested to me by those two beautiful Grandmothers.

Gaucho Trail HatWhere do you see your business going? Where would you like to be in 5 years?

Of course, I would like to see growth; however, I am also retired and live a full-time RV lifestyle with my wonderful husband of 30+ years and two little doggies. And there is a lot to see in this beautiful country of the United States. With that being said, in five years, I see many more fun, lovely pattern designs in my shops, a few more gray hairs and wrinkles, and probably a large yarn stash from local yarn stores all over the country!

Do you have any upcoming patterns you’d like to share with us?

I do have a few in the works now, some sketches, some nearly finished prototypes, etc. But you know, it’s too soon for a reveal.

 Bay City Serenity
What is your favorite design and why?

My favorite design is always my most recent design. So today that would be the Bay City Serenity, which was voted a fan favorite in round six of Battle of the Stitches. It is my favorite design so far because of its lacy design and I love the peek-a-boo shoulders!

What is your favorite item to make as a gift?

Fun and fashion forward wearables.

Where is the strangest place you’ve crocheted?

By the campfire.

Where is the craziest place you’ve hid yarn?

I wouldn’t say I’ve ever hidden yarn; however, I’ve tucked a skein in my brassiere while traveling in the truck cab on the road, to keep in place while I’m working a project – a quasi yarn bowl, if you will LOL.

What is your favorite hook and why?

That would be a tie between my Furls and my Clover Armour.

Wimple Hood Bandanna Cowl ScarfWhich crochet celebrity would you want to meet?


If you had your own yarn line, what would it be called?

Yummy Yarns

What celebrity would you like to see wearing your designs and why?

I would like to crochet a shawl for Maggie Smith – she is one classy lady!


What is your favorite color or color combination you like to work with?Huntress Cowl Cross-Body Vest

I don’t necessarily have a favorite color per se, I kind of go with the seasons for my color choices.

What has been your biggest design risk? Was it worth it?

The Huntress Cowl, because of the construction of the design. It perplexes some, in that the seams are not matched stitch-for-stitch. And, yes, it was worth it!

What was the last stitch you learned?

I am very fond of swatching, so try and learn a few new stitches and stitch combinations quite often. I swatched the picot trellis today.

 What is your least favorite thing to make?

I love the results of amigurumi; however, I am such a stickler for even, tight stitches that my hands tend to ache after an ami project.

Wendy also told me a little more about herself outside of crochet. It’s amazing the little things you learn about people when you get a chance to chat with them!

I once took a midwifery class some 20+ years ago from a language specialist, teaching Spanish. Her moto at the time was: It’s not hard, it’s just NEW! I adopted that moto for myself the very moment she spoke it. “It is NOT hard, it is just NEW” has served me well through the years in all areas of my life.

Bay City Serenity

Thank you, Wendy! I loved getting to know you more. Those Grandmothers of yours sure taught you well!! And I love the craziest place you’ve ‘hid’ yarn! LOL I also might have to steal your motto. It’s a very good one!

Have a few of Wendy’s patterns on your wishlist? Now’s the time to stock up! I’ve got an exclusive coupon for you to get 40% off your pattern purchase through August using code: THANKYOUCRYSTAL in The Hooked Haberdasher’s Ravelry Store. Also, please stop by her Facebook Page and say hi, tell her I sent you!

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