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Designer Review ~ Little Goose Crochet

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February… the month of love! And I love Little Goose Crochet‘s patterns! Darlene is the face behind the business and she is a truly wonderful woman to know. Darlene has some amazing amagami patterns, such as Liam the Lion Boy. I’m a sucker for any kind of butterfly and her Katie Kuddle Bug is adorable! Be sure to follow Little Goose Crochet on Facebook and check out all her patterns on Ravelry. But enough about what I think, let’s hear a little from Darlene!



Where does the name ‘Little Goose Crochet’ come from?

When our youngest was born she was 12 weeks early and weighed just  2lbs 3oz. She was so tiny and right away I started to call her goose. When we decided that I would stay home with her it allowed me to enjoy my hobby of crochet which quickly turned into a business. I decided to call my business Little Goose Crochet because she was the reason that it was able to happen and I wanted to include her in

How long have you been crocheting? What got you started?

I have been crocheting for 27 years. I started when I was 16, my cousin showed me how to make granny squares. A few years later my stepmother taught me how to read patterns when I was expecting my first child.

Ty's Little LambWhere do you see your business going? Where would you like to be in 5 years?

I love making things just as much as I like designing and I believe both of those options leave the door open for my business to grow. In 5 years I would love to say that I published a book of my designs. Maybe that is a big goal, but a girl can dream.

Do you have any upcoming patterns you’d like to share with us?

I have some ideas that I am hoping will work out great for my animal doll series. I can’t give them all away though.

Sophie doll 039

What is your favorite design and why?

My favorite design to date is Sophie the Bunny Girl.

What is your favorite item to make as a gift?

I love making toys, it always warms my heart to see a child smile. Most times that child is my goose.

What is your favorite color or color combinations to work with?

Pinks, cream, and browns.

LiamWhat has been your biggest design risk? Was it worth it?

I think anytime I design something it is a risk. I can love it but it may not do as well as I hoped.

What was the last stitch you learned?

Aligned Cobble Stitch.

What is your least favorite thing to make?

I am not fond of making afghans, they seem to take forever.


Thank you, Darlene. I love hearing more about you! And there’s more! Get an exclusive 30% off single patterns in Little Goose Crochet Ravelry store for the month of February. Use code: dotmblog during checkout to get the 30%. With Easter right around the corner, these patterns would be perfect for gifts!

Keep an eye of mid month for more on Little Goose Crochet!

Hope you enjoyed reading more about Darlene and Little Goose Crochet! Be sure to stop by her Facebook page and say hi!

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  1. I love Darlene’s patterns! The fact that they are practically no-sew is perfect for someone that despises the sewing of all the parts of a critter together =) Darlene happens to be a super sweet and very very helpful lady.

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