February 25

Designer Review Mini ~ Sophie the Bunny Girl

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Earlier this month we got to know Darlene, founder and designer behind Little Goose Crochet. You can find that Sophie doll 039post here if you missed it, and there’s a few days left to get in on the coupon code!

One of Darlene’s awesome patterns is this cutie, Sophie the Bunny Girl. And this cutie is also this month’s mini review! This is an amazing amigurumi, sitting at 12″ with the hood. I had the privilege of working her up and I have to say, there is a major plus to this pattern! I’m not one for sewing pieces so I try to stay away patterns that have that, which is most amigurumi. But this pattern has none… yes, you heard me right… NO SEWING!! Let’s here more from Darlene about this pattern, then I’ll show you my Sophie, and keep reading, there’s a chance at winning a copy of Darlene’s Sophie the Bunny Girl pattern!

When did you design this pattern?

This pattern was designed in April, 2014

Did you design this pattern for a specific reason or person?

I designed her for an Easter release but she was named after my youngest daughter.

Did this pattern turn out as you originally intended?

I had a vision in my head of how I wanted her to look and the more I worked on her the better it was. She turned out much better than I could have planned or expected.

Did you struggle designing this pattern?

There was a bit of a struggle in the beginning with how I would get certain parts of her to look or work in the pattern. When you go to sleep at night thinking heavily about a design sometimes the answers come to you in your sleep.

What makes this design unique?

There are a few things that make her unique, like her curly hair and her eye shaping. I believe however that the most unique thing about her is that none of her is sewn together.

How many items have you made from this pattern?

I have made 1 from the very first pattern, and 1 from the update that was just completed.

Do you see yourself coming out with matching patterns from this design?

There has already been a matching pattern to this one. The Sophie doll has a brother, Liam the Lion Boy.

Thanks so much, Darlene!! I loved hearing more about your design, and I especially liked working her up. So without further ado, here’s my Sophie!

LOVE HER!!! Working this pattern came at the perfect time, she’s a perfect addition to any Easter gift but mines going to be donated for a benefit auction for a young woman diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Love her too? Be sure to get the pattern, I promise you won’t be disappointed! The pattern is easy to read, professional, error free and very descriptive with very helpful picture tutorials if you visuals.

Want a chance at winning a free copy of Sophie the Bunny Girl?

Comment below! Someone will randomly be chosen Saturday, February 28th to win!

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  1. I remember when Sophie was released and I was in awe over how adorable she is! I know both my girls would flip over a Sophie of their own 🙂

  2. This is precious! I would LOVE to win this pattern – I’d make her for my one and only granddaughter (six grandsons) – and her name is Sophia!

  3. Oh my goodness! She is SO precious! and so absolutely PERFECT for my little Granddaughter – whose name happens to be – Sophie Claire!
    Wouldn’t she just love to have a little doll named the same? Oh Yes! she would, indeed!

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