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Easy Yarn Color Swatches

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Ever dig through your stash looking for colors for a specific project only to make a mess? Looking to share color choices at a craft fair? Then this Yarn Color Swatches Tutorial is perfect for you!

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I use these swatches when searching for colors to coordinate, the few times when I’m a vendor in a craft fair I bring them to show color choices and brands, and any time I think I may receive a custom order. Several times, when people order items, they tend to be very vague on the colors. “I would like a blue and grey hat and cowl set for my daughter to match her jacket.” Riiiiiight! Like there’s only one shade of a color… and even if I did guess, I’m about 99.9% sure I’m not matching anything without seeing it. Am I the only one it happens to? Whether it’s family, friends, or a paid customer you’ve never met, it’s best to have the customer decide exactly what colors he or she would like.Yarn Color Swatch Tutorial 1


Easy Yarn Color Swatches

Yarn Color Swatch Materials


Step 1)

Preheat your glue gun.

Step 2)

Write the name of the color/brand of yarn on your bobbin. This can be done after but is easier to do before wrapping your yarn.

Step 2-3 Yarn Color Swatch Tutorial
Step 2-3

Step 3)

Taking a small amount of yarn, loop it around one slit at the bottom of the bobbin. Wrap it 5-7 times. (More times for thinner yarn, less for thicker.) From the back of the bobbin, loop the other end around the opposite slit.

Step 4)

Using your yarn needle, weave the yarn ends behind the wrapped yarn just as in picture shown to the left.

Step 1-3 Yarn Color Swatch Tutorial
Step 4

Step 5)

With the glue gun ready, place a small amount between and around the ends as shown in picture to the right. This will secure it.

Step 5 Yarn Color Swatch Tutorial
Step 5

Step 6)

Let the glue dry.

Step 7)

Snip the ends to give more of a neat appearance.

Step 7 Yarn Color Swatch Tutorial
Step 7

Step 8)

Insert bobbins on metal rings. I have mine according to brand and weight.
Keeping the colors somewhat together give a nice appearance as well!
Step 8
Step 8

And there you have it! Just don’t forget to eat your chocolate 🙂

Have a different way to make yarn color swatches? Feel free to post a link in the comments below! I’d love to see the way you do it!Yarn Color Swatch Tutorial 3

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Yarn Color Swatches



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