September 27

Puff Stitch ~ A Crochet Tutorial

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The puff stitch has been a long time favorite of mine. I love the texture it creates, how the stitches pop! If you've never created a puff stitch, you're in for a treat. Keep reading for the puff stitch crochet tutorial!

Puff Crochet Stitch Tutorial by Crystalized Designs

This elegant stitch is done by pulling up numerous loops without pulling through on the last pull through, and then chaining to close/secure the stitch.

Anxious to start? Jump to the video tutorial now!

Puff Stitch Crochet Tutorial

1) Insert your hook into the indicated stitch or space. For this tutorial, I'm inserting my hook between the puff stitches from the row below.

Remember to chain in the beginning of the row to bring your row up to the correct height.

2) Yarn over (YO) and pull up a loop. Puff stitches vary in height. The higher you pull up a loop, the taller the puff stitch. Regardless how high or low your stitch will be, try to maintain a consistent height throughout.

Puff Stitch Step 2

3) Without pulling through the loops currently on your hook, YO and insert your hook into the same space/stitch and pull up a loop. Puff stitches may vary in the amount of loops being pulled up.

Puff stitch step 3
Puff stitch step 4

4) Once you have the number of loops pulled up that the pattern calls for or how "full" you want your stitch to look,  YO and pull through all loops on your hook.

Puff stitch step 5

5) Chain 1 to close or secure the stitch. Continue repeating 1-5 across to make a row of puff stitches. Multiple puff stitches can be worked into the same stitch or chain to create a fun look! Check out the design below.

Puff stitch step 6

~ Crystalized Designs' Patterns using the puff stitch ~

Amora Slouch Hat Free Crochet Pattern by Crystalized Designs

The Amora Slouch Hat uses grouped puff stitches to make this cozy hat. Check out the free pattern here.

Want more?

The Sierra Slouch Hat and Cowl are premium patterns. Check out the links below:


~ Video Tutorial ~

And that, my friend, is how to make a puff stitch!

Looking for more tutorials? Check out the Linked Double Crochet tutorial or the Reverse Single Crochet tutorial. Want more? Check out the tutorial library and if you don't see something you're looking for, use the contact page to request it!

More About Crystalized Designs

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Puff Stitch Crochet Tutorial by Crystalized Designs

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