June 8

How to Add Elastic to a Waistband

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I love my cotton crocheted garments for summer and I love being able to wear something I made out in public! Unfortunately, after time these garments can show wear and tear. Even with hand washing and air drying with the utmost care, re-blocking, or minimal washing, these garments can get out of shape. My most common shaping problem is the waistband. If you have this problem too, check out the how to add elastic to crochet tutorial below.

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How to make an elastic waist band Crochet


  • Crochet Garment, last row not completed on waistband
  • Elastic Bead Cord; 1mm or desired thickness, length varies. Try to use cord similar in color, or lighter, so it is less noticeable.


How to Add Elastic to Crochet Tutorial

Cut your elastic 2-4″ less than what your desired length is. Knot securely.
If your piece has too much length, it won’t give you the hip-hugging look.
If you have not enough length, cord may be uncomfortable to wear or may break.How to make an elastic waist band CrochetCh 1 if directed within pattern to bring work up to next round. Keeping the knot close to your first stitch, sc with cord on top of stitches.
Note: Sc isn’t the only stitch this can be used with.How to make an elastic waist band Crochet

Continue working sc around, making sure to keep working yarn over cord and working it into the stitches.

How to make an elastic waist band Crochet        How to make an elastic waist band Crochet

If you notice that the cord can be seen through the front or the back, don’t worry! That will be fixed once the round is complete.

How to make an elastic waist band Crochet        How to make an elastic waist band Crochet

At some point, there will not be enough cord to continue going around.

How to make an elastic waist band CrochetDon’t worry! Just pull the cord slightly as you work and you’ll have enough!


        How to make an elastic waist band Crochet         How to make an elastic waist band Crochet

You will get a ‘bunched’ look. This is normal. If it seems too bunched, you can play with it once done.
If not, you can always redo the round as this may take a few times to get the hang of.

How to make an elastic waist band Crochet

At end of round, join and trim edges of cord.

How to make an elastic waist band Crochet

If you weave in your end with care, you can find it in the future and rework a new piece of cord if needed.
Don’t want to add a round of sc to the end of your garment?
You can work cord in with slip stitches, you just have to alternate working cord in one slip stitch and not the next around.



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Adding Elastic to Crochet

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