February 1

Finish It February ~ 2018

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It feels like just yesterday that we were celebrating the New Year! Did you have fun participating in the Just For Me January Challenge? Not only did I finish a poncho that I started nearly a year ago for myself, but I finished a 10+ week sewing project of a butterfly wall hanging I created for my craft room.  I also made sure to set aside some ‘me’ time so I’m not feeling as overwhelmed with caring for a 4 month old plus my other family members, work, and other household chores! I have to say the saying “if mama isn’t happy, no one is happy,” is very true! But enough about January, let’s start February with a bang!

Do you start projects with the intentions of finishing them before starting a new one? Yeah, I do that ALL the time! What does that leave me? Bins and totes and bags full of unfinished projects. So let’s make February a ‘finish it’ month!

By participating in this months’ challenge, I pledge to attempt to finish my unfinished projects! 

I have so many unfinished projects, there’s no way I’d get them all finished within a month. I started so many designs last year and that’s not even including the projects that aren’t my designs. So I’m choosing 2 projects that aren’t my designs, and 4 projects that are my designs, to finish this month. The patterns that I’ve started that are partially finished will be shown as I complete them throughout the month on my social media. The two that I’m hoping to finish this month are the Lollo the African Flower Bear that I started as a baby gift for a friend who’s child is turning two this year… yikes, I dropped the ball on that one! And the Turtle Bay Blanket I started for my son half way through my pregnancy.

If you’re not like me and finish all your projects, I commend you! And I want to know your secret because there’s no way I could just work on one. Though I do feel I need to cut down on the amount I have!

Feel free to share how many unfinished projects you have. Then let me know how many you have completed at the end of the month! Feel free to share pictures as well! Can’t wait to see what you all finish this month!


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