March 2

Fur Pom Pom ~ A Tutorial

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Pom poms add character to almost any hat, but yarn pom poms aren’t the only way to give your crochet item a little added flare. Yes, you can buy nifty Pom Pom Makers for yarn, but fur pom poms are all the rage right now! Fur Pom Poms can be bought, but for a crafty person, you may just want to make your own!  If you want to make your own, continue reading to find out exactly how easy it is to do!

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Crochet Fur Pom Pom

Things you need:


What to do:

Create Fur Pom Pom for Crochet Projects
Using circular object, place on wrong side of fun. Using marker, draw circle on back of fur. Use caution not to get permanent marker on your circular object.
Create Fur Pom Pom for Crochet Projects
Cut back side of faux fur taking care not to cut fur on right side using drawn circle as a guide.

Create Fur Pom Pom for Crochet Projects
Thread your needle and stitch along entire circle edge. Leave several inches of thread on beginning and end.
Create Fur Pom Pom for Crochet Projects
Add fiber fill and pull thread tight to close. Add or remove fiber fill as needed. Secure.
Joslyn Mini Slouch, a Crochet Pattern
Enjoy your Fur Pom Pom as you see fit! Find pattern for the Joslyn Mini Slouch by clicking the photo.

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