August 10

Happy Crochet Hooks!

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Do you have Happy Crochet Hooks? I most certainly do! I91A7372 logo

When it comes to my crochet hooks, I’m rather picky. So when deciding to work with anything other than a standard Boye hook, I’m always skeptical. I have a hard time holding anything larger than a normal hook, I found this out the hard way. Though the clay-covered hooks are appealing, they’ve always been something I haven’t wanted to spend money. Fear of the hook being ‘just for decoration’, as I wouldn’t be able to use it, has kept me from purchasing trendy hooks.

That is… until now!

Love the hook pictured above? Yeah… so do I! I won’t use any other I hook from this day forward! And I promise you, I will be adding more Happy Crochet Hooks to my collection. So, what is a Happy Crochet Hook you ask? You can read more about their hooks here but I can tell you they are amazing, eye-catching hooks that don’t get in the way of your crochet… or at least they won’t if you don’t pause to admire it while your crocheting (yes, I’ve done that numerous times already).

The Monarch

Happy Crochet Hooks offers a variety of choices, not only design but also hook size, type of hold, and brand of hook. Not a fan of Boye? They also offer Bates! Prefer a long handed hook over a standard? They offer those too! Get any design in hook size F through K… but why stop there? Might as well get an entire set! (That’s my plan!) And even though I’m a huge fan of butterflies, there are so many amazing designs to choose from. I won’t be limiting myself to just butterfly hooks. One of my other favorites (and sure to be a part of my hook collection soon) is the Pixelated Rainbow hook and the Violet Love hook… but then the Autumn Sun hook would be a nice contrast to the Violet Love hook… so many choices!

I had the honor of chatting with Carrie, part of the Happy Crochet Hooks team about their products. Here’s a short interview I had with her:

How many designers do you have at Happy Crochet Hooks?

We currently have 2 designers although we are always on the lookout for more. We are hoping to add two more designers by the end of August one specializing in ergonomic hooks.

I was curious where the designers got their inspiration. Linda, one of Happy Crochet Hooks’ designers, answered.

I get my inspiration for the hooks mostly from nature.  I love flowers and leaves.   The sea is another place for inspiration.  The shades of blue in the water, the color of the sky and sand. Inspiration also comes from books from the masters, such as Donna Kato and Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg.  I have a library of books and videos I watch for inspiration.Butterfly Kisses 2

Do you and/or your designers crochet?

I do not but Ive been wanting to try. Hopefully soon I will learn!! Yes both of our designers currently crochet.

Which hook is your best seller?

Currently Butterfly Kisses is our best selling hook. (Pictured at right.)

I believe it! That’s my favorite so far… the picture really doesn’t do this hook justice, it is just stunning in person! Which hook is your favorite?

My favorite so far has been Wave of Cerulean. I love the flowing of the swirls that remind me of an ocean and relaxing waves.

If you noticed the stitch marker in the first photo, you’ll be excited to hear that Happy Crochet Hooks now has stitch markers! You can find them here.

Opal Pearl Crochet Hook




Keep an eye out on Instagram! I’ll be using Butterfly Kisses every chance I get! And I can’t wait to add more to my collection! Do you have any Happy Crochet Hooks? Post below which your favorite is, or which one you’d love to have. Have a Happy Crochet Hook picture? Feel free to post to the Crystalized Designs Facebook page or the Happy Crochet Hook Facebook page!

And now, I’d like to share my love for these hooks with YOU! I’d like to give away The Monarch and Opal Pearl!  From now until August 21st, noon CST you can enter! Good luck and be sure to stop by and tell Happy Crochet Hooks on Facebook which hook you like best!


EDIT: Winners have been chosen and emailed! Winners have 72 hours to claim or another winner will be chosen.

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  1. Ooooh! I would love this! My mother collected butterflies which in turn passed down to me, especially since she passed away! She always loved my crocheted projects too! This would really make me happy and think of her while I’m crocheting! Not that I don’t think of her anyway! Everyday!

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