August 17

Hive and Bees

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This is really two projects into one and it will send most children into a fit of giggles! Or at least it will if their feet are ticklish! This is a perfect spring project. Bring in bread and honey for snack time and tell them where the honey comes from!

What you need:

Empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls


Paint Brushes

Yellow Paint

Black Paint

White Paint

For the Hive, take the paper towel or toilet paper rolls and fold them into hexagons (6 sides.) ┬áIt is easier to do this before cutting them than after. After folds are made, flatten and cut so each piece is approximately 1/2″. You can either assemble them and then paint them yellow, or paint them and then assemble them. Either way, make sure the paint is allowed to dry completely.

For the Bees, take the paper and paint the feet of the child yellow. Allow to dry completely. Once dry, paint thumbs white and press down on heal of foot to make the whites of the eyes. Paint the tip of the pinky black and press onto any part of the white. With either the brushes or using fingers, draw 3 black stripes across the ball of the foot, a mouth and wings. My boys wanted stingers as well!

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