June 7

Just Do It June

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June Crochet Challenge

Welcome to another monthly challenge! My passion is crochet but don’t limit yourself there! June is easy… make a goal, and Just-Do-It!! (And if it’s a really big goal, don’t worry… you’ll have more than a month to complete it!)

Do you have one project you want to do that you’ve been putting off? Whether it’s an eye-catching hat you want to make for the next winter season, or that gorgeous king size blanket they’ve been wanting to make, set your mind to starting it this month. Don’t want a crochet related Just-Do-It? that’s fine!! Want to purge the house of unwanted things? Just do it! Want to go to a movie by yourself? Just do it! Make a goal and just get it done! Who’s with me??


By participating in this months’ challenge, I pledge to start a “Just Do It” goal and work towards getting it done!


I’ve been wanting to go through my WIP and truly decide if I want to complete them or not. They’ve become overwhelming and I just need to decide if I want to or not. Continuing to think I will someday get to them is unrealistic and they’re bringing me down. (Yes, I’m a broken record… I didn’t finish this task back during Finish It February.)

And remember… you don’t need to complete your project. Next month you’ll have more time!

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