November 13

Ashley Leither Crochet Hook ~ A Product Review

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With many to choose from, shopping for the perfect crochet hook may sometimes be intimidating. It isn’t until we pair up the hook and yarn that the magic actually happens. Being unfamiliar with a brand may make us reluctant to try something new. In this Leither Crochet Hook Review, I’ll encourage you to step outside your normal hook comfort zone and tell you exactly what I thought of this hook from Ashley Leither Designs.

Ashley Leither Designs Hook ~ A Product Review by Crystalized Designs

Leither Crochet Hook Review

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About the Hook

Let’s start with the appearance. It’s GORGEOUS!! I’m one that loves anything wood. Wood to me is warmth, comfort, luxury. The handcrafted design is stunning and though there may be more hooks like this in the shop, this is one of a kind. That’s what makes this handmade hook so amazing! Each one is unique in the grain of the wood, along with how each is carved. This hook was made for me and me alone! Who wouldn’t want a hook like that?


Would I Buy Again?

The appearance is amazing, but does it work as well as it looks? ABSOLUTELY! From the first time I opened my box, to right this moment, I’m still in awe at how luxurious this hook feels and works.  The size of the wooden base is deceiving as it’s extremely lightweight and holding it is comfortable and natural. Wood and yarn may not always go together due to snagging, but I ensure you these hooks are polished to the point where you’ll be ‘cheek rubbing’ your hook just like you do your yarn! (Don’t lie! You know you do… and if you don’t you totally need to!)

Check out the Verity Beanie free crochet pattern created using this hook!

Ashley Leither Designs Hook ~ A Product Review by Crystalized Designs

I love mine! I will be adding more to my collection. And I’d love this post to encourage you to try one, or comment below if you already have one and let me know what you think! And follow along with Ashley Leither Designs on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, sign up for her newsletter, or visit her Etsy Store.


All opinions are my own. I hope you found this Leither Crochet Hook Review helpful, leave a comment if you’ve used this tool before and let me know what you think!

Ashley Leither Designs Hook ~ A Product Review by Crystalized Designs Ashley Leither Designs Hook ~ A Product Review by Crystalized Designs

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