January 30

How to Use a Lucet Fork ~ A Tutorial

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The purpose of a Lucet Fork is easy. Cords and braiding. You may (hopefully not though) think that you won't ever need this tool. But I promise you, it will have you adding lucetted braids to many projects. Not only will you get a full on video and picture Lucet Fork Tutorial, but you'll also get suggestions and patterns that include cords!

Lucet Fork In Use by Crystalized Designs

If you can make a figure 8 with yarn, you can use a Lucet Fork! Allow me to show you how, and get you on your way to adding i-cord (or other cords and braids) to all the projects!

I used the Furls Lucet Fork in this tutorial and I promise, this tool is one of the best out there! It's light-weight, comfortable, smooth, and (just like all Furls products) stunning! You can find my Furls Lucet Fork review here.

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Lucet Fork Tutorial

Anxious to start? Jump to the video tutorial now!

1) Pull the yarn through the guide hole from back to front. 


2) Hold the tail with your thumb. With the working yarn, wrap around the right prong to the front.

3) Pull working yarn between both prongs to the back.

4) Pull working yarn from back to front around left prong, then between both prongs.  

5) Repeat 2-4. This creates two loops on each prong.

6) You can start with either side but I tend to work with the bottom right side first. 

7) Pull that bottom loop over the loop right above it on the same prong, and off the prong.

8a) Repeat Step 7 with the opposite side with the bottom loop.

8b) Pull the bottom loop over the top loop, then off the prong.

9) Keeping the knot in the middle as much as possible, slightly tighten. Keep consistent tension throughout to have an evenly made cord. First knot is complete.

10) Repeat looping the right side (back to front, then between) and the left side (back to front, then between).

11) Consistently start with the same side, pulling the lower loop over the top loop and off the prongs.

12) Second knot is made. Continue looping around the prongs and pulling the bottom over the top and off the prongs on both sides until you have the length of cord you desire.

Finishing off

1) Pull the last loop from each side off the Lucet Fork. 

2) Set Fork aside for now. It doesn't need to be pulled off the cord yet.

3) With a yarn needle, or just feeding the end through, take tail from top through the right loop. 

4) Take tail behind cord.

5) Insert tail up the bottom of the left loop and through.

6) Pull tail to secure. Then, remove the fork. 

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Check out some of the Crystalized Designs Patterns that use a Furls Lucet Fork to create i-cord below:

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More coming soon!

More About Crystalized Designs

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How To Use a Lucet Fork Tutorial by Crystalized Designs

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    1. I am trying to learn how to crochet without the hose in your blanket and also Nick I used to knit but I forgot how to do it I have bought two needles but I haven't tried to use them yet I'm trying to find a free site that can teach me without charging me no money

  1. I have never seen this before, and I grew up around people who DO this kind of thing. I'm going to go have a try at making a handmade primitive type out of a forked branch. I do primitive spinning with a lap spindle, and this seems like a good option for making something other than just plied cord. This is my cool find for the day, thanks!

    1. Many thanks for the perfectly detailed and reinforced by great pics, tutorial on using the beautiful Lucet tool.
      You are a master" tutorialist"; and as a schoolteacher myself, I highly appreciate your skill sharing so generously.

  2. How interesting! Learnt something new today – thank you Crystal, for this is the first time I ever came across information about what a Lucet Fork is and how it is used. I never knew what a lucet fork is! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful detailed tutorial. Wow, I’m overjoyed to learn all about the Lucet fork😊👍

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