March 1

Master It March 2019

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Another month, another challenge! Let’s make March a month to master a specific task. Is there something you’ve been wanting to learn, something that you’ve wanted to do but haven’t had the time? This is the month to make it happen! Pick something, and master it! This doesn’t have to be a crochet-related task and you don’t have to become a ‘master’ to win at this challenge. Master It March 2019 Crochet Challenge by Crystalized Designs

By participating in this months’ challenge, I pledge to master something that I’ve been wanting to do. Whether I learn something, accomplish something, or create something, I will make it happen!

Don’t make this a huge challenge if you don’t want it to be. Just pick a project and give it your all! Be it cleaning out that dreaded closet, or mastering that crochet technique you’ve been too intimated to try, it’s time to take that task and check it off the to-do list! Mine? I’ve been wanting to work on an entrelac crochet pattern I’ve had in mind for quite some time now as well as finish designing my first set in sleeve cardigan! I’m so excited for this month and I hope you are as well!

What is YOUR Master It March Challenge?

Feel free to post your goal at the beginning of the month. Then, let me know how you’re progressing throughout the month and your end result! Either leave a comment below, find me on Facebook, in my Facebook Group, or comment on any Instagram post!


Looking Back at Previous Months…

The Elysian Pullover was my Just for Me January project and I can’t tell you enough how much I am in LOVE this with just-for-me project!! February was my most productive Finish It February month since starting these challenges in 2014! Of the 43 WIPs I had going, I completed more than I thought I would. A total of THREE were checked off my list! Did you complete what you expected?


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