August 11

My Lost Year is Full of WIPs

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I bet your wondering how a lost year is full of WIPs. First, let me say this post isn’t entirely about crochet. As much joy and relaxation as it brings me, it took the back burner. Just over a year ago, we put an offer in on a house and sold our previous home. Moving was one of the best things that happened to my family and myself. Shortly after getting settled (like 3 months later), I decided to pick my hooks back up and continue designing. (I have to admit that I’m very spoiled. I got the largest bedroom in the house for my obsessions! Though I do still find myself perfecting the space and adding to it… I may eventually need to take over more space!)

Shortly after getting settled, I found out I was pregnant. The first trimester was like neither of my previous pregnancies. I was sick. I was insanely tired. I went to bed nearly the moment I got done eating dinner… and I slept the night through. I felt crumby to say the least but I was still extremely excited. We had been trying to conceive for almost two years and it had finally happened.

Once I hit the second trimester, I think baby stole my desire to finish anything because I just couldn’t no matter how hard I tried. I would definitely start projects, get most of them half way or more.. and then a new idea would hit! And I just HAD to get started on that one! And so all my WIPs sat around in totes, patiently waiting to get finished. Plus we fit in 2 birthday parties, 2 vacations (had to get those in before baby comes), and other summer activities.

These last few weeks though, I’ve hit a frenzy. Maybe its nesting. Maybe its OCD but I need things DONE and I need them done NOW! I have bounced around from completing crochet projects (and sewing projects), to cleaning out closets and cabinets, to washing baby clothes, to weeding our entire yard…. I just don’t stop. The most fun of course is finishing crafting projects. Well, maybe. Folding those little baby clothes and getting everything ready is at the top of my fun list, too. I’ve also been starting new projects. *Gulp* I know I shouldn’t, I literally sat down today and counted all my design WIPs….. 27 to be exact! YIKES!! I do NOT need to start any more!

Anyways, on to the good part! My mojo is back and running full speed ahead! (My poor testers!) I’ll be starting to ask my Facebook Crochet Group for help with testing soon. I can proudly say that I’ve finished writing/designing 4 patterns that have been in limbo within the past week or so. (Those 4 are not including in the 27 WIPs that I counted today.) And I don’t feel like slowing down! I want these projects done and able to move on to the 17 projects I already have yarn happily awaiting me.

So be prepared! I have 2 freebies coming on the blog soon plus an additional 3 patterns being released as soon as testing is complete. Just under half of the 27 projects are already over half way complete so I’m happy to say if my motivation keeps going, it won’t be long before more are being released. And keep a lookout for some fun yarn reviews as well!


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  1. Congratulations on your baby….that is SO exciting!
    I recall those last couple of months – with four pregnancies – that I had that never-ending energy! The day before the baby was born usually meant a VERY long walk…on top of making sure baby things were ready (my favorite activity of all!), the other children (after the first, that is!) were well cared for – and yes…I had to be moving every minute of the day…or doing something while I was sitting…when my back and legs wouldn’t let me stand any longer…
    Very happy for you. Enjoy every minute with that new baby….don’t tell anyone I said this, but I still miss having a new baby around the house…even the night time feedings were “our special time” when no one else needed attention and I could pay full attention to that new little one. Now even my grands are growing up (youngest is 4 – oldest just graduated college at 22). and it is so sad there are no more little babies around…they grow up too darned fast! Enjoy every single minute of it….’cause it goes by so fast….and before you know it, he/she will be saying “no!” to you….and then the “fun” starts, right?
    Best of luck…and we look forward to pictures of that precious bundle.

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