October 4

Nancy Beanie ~ A Free Crochet Pattern

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My Mom and MeI couldn’t fathom what it would be like to be told I have cancer, but I can related to seeing a loved one fight for their life. My mom (my best friend, my inspiration) was diagnosed with uterine, ovarian, and lining of the stomach cancer in 2000. Just days after I graduated high school, my life changed forever. Because of her, this free cancer awareness beanie crochet pattern was created for the #cancercrochetchallenge 2019! And I’m happy to say that she’s nearly 20 years in remission!

October is cancer awareness month and Sweet Potato 3 is hosting the Cancer Awareness Challenge another year. You can find more details on the challenge HERE. Find more details on Week 1 of the Cancer Crochet Challenge HERE.

By downloading the Nancy Beanie Crochet Pattern, you’re pledging to create at least one hat from the pattern to donate to cancer center or patient before the end of 2019. Spread the word and tag your project with #cancercrochetchallenge when posting on any social media! Shares are also greatly appreciated!

This beanie is created for the Uterine Cancer and uses peach yarn. I had a really hard time finding a peach that I loved. Premier Everyday in Soft Peach was perfect for this project and a pleasure to work with. If you’re looking for a soft acrylic yarn, this would be it! Or use a different color for any other cancer awareness! Now through Sunday, October 6th, get the PDF for free with pledge!

cancer awareness free crochet pattern


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#cancercrochetchallenge! By downloading this link, you pledge to donate at least one hat made from this pattern. This pattern was made for uterine cancer and to honor my mother.


Size Length Circumference
1-3 years 7.5” 17”
3-10 years 8” 19.5”
Teen/Adult 8.5” 20”



15 sc BLO by 14 rows = 4”

Pattern Key:

  • Ch: Chain
  • Sc: Single Crochet
  • Sc2tog: Single Crochet 2 Together
  • Dc: Double Crochet
  • BLO: Back Loop Only
  • Slst: Slip Stitch
  • St(s): Stitch(es)



Nancy Beanie Crochet Pattern

You are free to sell your work from this pattern but may not share, copy or reproduce this pattern, in part or in whole. Photographs are copyright protected and may not be used. When selling your work, include a link back to this pattern as well as the following, “Pattern by Crystalized Designs”

Special Pattern Notes:

Beginning chain does not count as a stitch unless noted.

When stitch counts are listed, they will be listed in sequential order. Chains are not included in counts.

Pattern Instructions:

Ribbing with H hook

Ch 8

Row 1: Starting in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across (7 sts)

Row 2:
1-3 years: Turn, ch 1, sc in BLO of each st across (7 sts)
Repeat until you have 60 rows.

3-10 years: Turn, ch 1, sc in BLO of each st across (7 sts)
Repeat until you have 68 rows.

Teen/Adult: Turn, ch 1, sc in BLO of each st across (7 sts)
Repeat until you have 72 rows.


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Match both ends together. Ch 1, turn, slst in each st and beginning chain like picture below. This joins the two ends. Turn the band just made so that the slsts are on the inside of the piece. This is now considered the wrong side.

Crochet Ribbing

You will now turn your work so you will be working on the ends of the rows just worked like the picture below.

Crochet Ribbing part 2

Switch to a J hook.

Body of Hat

R1: Ch 1, sc in same row end and each row end around, join – 60, 68, 72 sts

R2: Ch 2, 4 dc in same, skip 3, *4 dc in next, skip 3, repeat * around, join – 60, 68, 72 sts

R3: Ch 1, turn, starting in same, sc in each st around, join – 60, 68, 72 sts

R4: Ch 2, turn, starting in same, 4 dc, skip 3, *4 dc in next, skip 3, repeat * around, join – 60, 68, 72 sts

Repeat Round 3 & 4, ending on 4, until length measures according to chart below.

Size Length
1-3 years 6.5”
3-10 years 7”
Teen/Adult 7.5”

R5: Ch 1, turn, starting in same, sc in next 2, sc2tog, *sc in next 2, sc2tog, repeat * around, join – 45, 51, 54 sts

R6: Ch 2, turn, starting in same, 3 dc, skip 2, *3 dc in next, skip 2, repeat * around, join – 45, 51, 54 sts


R7: Ch 1, turn, starting in same, sc, sc2tog, *sc in next, sc2tog, repeat * around, join – 30, 34, 36 sts

R8: Ch 2, turn, starting in same, 2 dc, skip 1, *2 dc in next, skip 1, repeat * around, join – 30, 34, 36 sts

R9: Ch 1, turn, starting in same, sc2tog, sc2tog in each st around, join – 15, 17, 18 sts

Finish off leaving a long tail. Weave tail through stitches in Round 9. Pull tight to close and secure. Weave in ends.


Lastly, make a pom pom and secure to top of hat.

More About Crystalized Designs

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Above all, thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoyed the pattern! Leave a comment below and again, I would love to see any pictures! Also, you can find me on Facebook, in my Facebook Group, or Instagram! I’d love for you to share on Pinterest! I’d be happy to follow you back on any social media, just leave a link below! However, if you want to see something from Crystalized Designs, I’m interested to hear! Feel free to email me with any suggestions. Therefore, you can email me at [email protected] or use the contact form.

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Crochet Cancer Challenge

More links about the Cancer Challenge are below:

  1. Cancer Challenge Introduction, what is it, click HERE.
  2. What type of hat should I make, what sizes and where should I get the patterns, click HERE
  3. What type of yarn is recommended for the hats, click HERE
  4. Where should I donate my hats, click HERE
  5. A fun “start early” project you can add to your hats, click HERE
  6. Challenge others to join and more fun information, click HERE


    Nancy Beanie Free Crochet Pattern by Crystalized Designs for Uterine Cancer Awareness

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  1. Most of my crocheting is done for charity and I Really like this hat. It would be great to include this pattern in my collection of patterns.

  2. Very touching story. For me, on 10.8.2018, my daughter called & to me she was diagnosed w/breast cancer, a fast spreading type. It changes you forever. Bravo to 20 years in remission for your mother! Praise God!

  3. Beautiful hat 🙂 ill be making 1 of these hats to donate to my local cancer center. I lost my mom to cancer when i was 28, she was 55. My goal is to make as many hats this month as i can

  4. I LOVE this hat. Absolutely beautiful. I will try to make some in different colors also. I have lost so many family members to a wide variety of cancers. Thank you so much for offering the pattern. The hats I make will be donated to a local cancer center.

  5. Ive done a ton of charitable crochet and knitting over the years. Its like over the last 5 or so years, the groups in my area just disappeared. Im thrilled to see something like this pop up. Love the direction. Thank you.

  6. Unable to make any for charity right now but i love the pattern. I just had uterine cancer surgery in December, have gone thru chemo and radiation….all is well now. I am also a breast cancer survivor! God is good!

  7. Thank you for this beautiful pattern. I will be sending one to my sister. She is going through her 4th battle with cancer, and still fighting hard. Over the years I have made her hats, scarves, mitts, a beautiful Warrior afghan, and a few Knitted Knockers. She will love the hat, and I will also enjoy wearing it. Here’s hoping your mother stays in remission. Good luck! Thank you once again.

  8. This is adorable….I am in remission from endometrial cancer….2 years…I would feel honored to make and donate….I had a lot of radiation damage and consequently ended up with a colostomy bag. I have been very depressed and not done much crocheting.. This inspires me to pick up my hooks again!…I would imagine by changing hook size, this would fit children with cancer also…Thank you SOOOO…much…and congrats to mom and family!..<3

  9. When I was eight months pregnant with my first child my mother called to casually tell me she was having a lump removed from her breast tomorrow morning. That was March 22, 1976. For eleven years, she fought the good fight as cancer went into remission and come back with a vengeance. Because of her bravery, dedication of her doctors and unwavering faith in God, many advances were made in fighting cancer. She lost her battle on April 5,1987. She never let cancer change her and remained the same loving, kind, gentle soul through it all.❣️????

  10. I am making my 3rd hat! The first 2 were a little big but I’ve downsized my hooks to get the gauge closer. Live this hat, will donate them all. I’m looking for a scarf pattern to natch

  11. I just ‘found” you/your page and the minute I saw this hat pattern I knew I have to make it! Even though I am very lucky to NOT have cancer, but I have had several Aunts loose the fight to Cancer, so I will make the hats to Honor them.

    I do crochet a lot of Preemie and baby hats and donate them to Our Local Hospital….some of those Preemie Hats are done in Red yarn with White Hearts for all the babies that are born with some type of Heart Deseases….hoping that in some small way helps Them to fight for their lives!

    Thank You for your Hat pattern, and by the way Peach is my favorite color Also. ~smiling~

    1. I don’t have yardage for each size. The adult takes less than 200 yards as I didn’t use a full skein of the yarn I listed.

      Hope that helps.

  12. This hat is so lovely. Thank you for sharing your pattern.

    I make many hats for all types of charity and this will be perfect for all.

    Thank you again for sharing.

    hugs, Gramz

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