August 17

Owl Hand Prints

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This is yet another fun hand print craft- if you haven’t noticed, I LOVE those and so do my children! And ‘Whooooo’ doesn’t love an owl?

What you need:


Paint Brushes

Brown Paint

Black Paint

White Paint

Orange Paint

Paint entire hand with brown paint. Press hand firmly on paper. Set aside and allow to dry completely. Once dry, paint thumbs white and place on meaty part of palm for whites of the owl’s eyes. Paint the tip of the pinky finger black and add one dot to each white eye. With a clean hand, paint pinky orange as well as pointer finger. Pointed finger will make the beak, the pinky finger will make the feet. You may need to repaint the pinky finger after the first foot is made. Also, be aware that most kids will immediately think there is chocolate on their hand!! I found out the hard way- and so did he!


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