August 17

Pot of Gold

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What you need:


Paint Brushes

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue Paint

Black Paper

Chocolate Coins



Kids may like painting their hand but mostly likely their favorite part of this project will be eating the chocolate!

Paint each finger and 1/5th of the palm straight downward with each color (see picture in slide show.) Press firmly onto white paper. Set aside to dry completely. Have child cut out a pot with the black paper (or have then already cut out.) Without tearing or severely crumpling the foil on the coins, remove and enjoy the chocolate! Once hand print is dry, glue pot to where wrist would be taking care not to glue down the top of the pot. Put a small amount of glue on the back of the coins. Stick slightly into top of pot and press firmly into place. Allow glue to dry completely.

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