November 16

Sincerely Pam’s Garden Friends Hoodlet

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Sincerely Pam Crochet Pattern Review

Earlier this month, we got to chat with Pam about her patterns in general (you can find that post here). But today, we’re going to look at her most recent release, Sincerely Pam‘s Garden Friends Hoodlet pattern!

There is nothing more fun for crocheters than to see their art loved by the owner. This is one of those that children will immediately fall in love with! I know mine did. Not only do they like to wear them outside, they love to wear them around the house while playing. When out and about, I’ve gotten so many compliments on how cute they look!

Cotton Yarns from 
The Garden Friends Hoodlet is perfect for those youngsters, as well as animal lovers of all ages! Pattern includes directions on how to make a fox, a hedge hog, and a bunny. But as you can see, you’re not limited to just those cute creatures, my little guy is a wolf!

This is a perfect hat for the cooler months. The yarn used, and how it’s used, makes this hat warm along with fuzzy! And kids love fuzzy! You can get the Sincerely Pam’s Garden Friends Hoodlet pattern on Ravelry here. Click the picture below to see Fox and Rabbit’s Cranberry Surprise on Amazon.

Fox and Rabbit's Cranberry Surprise

This venture started for Pam when author¬†Laurel Heger contacted her wanting hats designed around her book’s characters. Just as Pam does everything else, she put her heart into the designs, and the results are amazing!

Sincerely Pam Crochet Pattern Review

Not only did I make the wolf hat for my youngest, I also made a fox hat for my oldest. He is a huge fan of What Does The Fox Say and begged for one when seeing the pictures of Sincerely Pam’s fox. And of course I can’t say no when one of my children want something crocheted. He even wanted to make his own video!

WARNING: Video may entice you to purchase Sincerely Pam’s pattern for your child!

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