November 21

Twas the Night Before Saturday

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Twas the night before Saturday and all through our homes,
Pam, Lisa, Crystal and Stephanie were working on this poem.
Our Stocking patterns were designed with lots of love and care.
In hopes that you’d make them so your mantels would be less bare.

With patterns listed on Ravelry, and coupon codes ready,
Yarn and hooks all picked out, crochet fast, hands steady!
Papers flying, hooks wielding, the final product in sight!
Oh no! Weaving ends! Always gives us a fright!!

With our beautiful stockings hung up for all to see,
We can be so proud knowing they were “Made By Me”.
Staring out the window on this cold and blustery nigh,
We hold our hooks tight and give out a cry.

“Now Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now, Prancer and Vixen!
On, Comet! On, Cupid! On Donner and Blitzen!
Hung by the chimmeny! Hung up on the wall!
Now hook away! Hook away! Hook away all!!

And guess what RUDOLPH has joined in on the Reindeer Games……

The 4 winners from our Santa and His Reindeer Stocking Pattern Giveaway are………….
1. Viola P
2. Darlene M
3. Marjorie M
4. Patty K
Please contact one of the shops to receive your patterns. Each winner will receive a copy of each pattern For a total of 10 stocking patterns!!!!
All the patterns are now available for purchase in our shops. You can find them list below

Twas the Night Before Saturday Sale –  40% off each  stocking pattern using

coupon code: STOCKING

(This code is good in our Ravelry Shops only)

in each store through this Sunday, November 23rd.


Sincerely Pam

Doner (Dylan Christmas Stocking)

Vixen (Victoria Christmas Stocking)

Smalltown Dreamz

Santa Stocking

Dancer (Snowflake Stocking)

Rudolph (Mini Me Stocking)

Crystalized Designs

Comet Stocking

Prancer Stocking

Blitzen Stocking

Pink Snail Boutique

Dasher Christmas Stocking

Cupid Christmas Stocking


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