August 28

Ultimate Crochet List ~ 75+ Gadgets, Gizmos, & Goodies

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Yes, I’ve finally decided to do a ‘Round Up’ type post. It’s been on my ‘to do’ list for a few months now and what better way to start crochet round ups than a crochet list of tools? This list started small…. and then grew, and grew… and grew some more! I’m not going to lie, I had help. Pam, designer and owner of Sincerely Pam, had a tendency to ‘help’ me find items. And I stress ‘help’ because she had a tendency to find one more thing after I reached a good finishing number… you know, 50, 55, 60… nope, she’d always message me with that 61st item and then our search continued to round it out! I’m completely ignoring her messages now just so I can finish this post! ūüôā I’m also giving up on a rounded out number… we’re sticking with 75+!

ultimate list

About ‘the Crochet List of Tools’

I appreciate handmade. If you’re a crocheter, I would hope you do as well. To me, handmade¬†has more meaning. Someone took time to perfect a craft they love. So I tried to find as much handmade crochet related gadgets, gizmos and goodies as possible. There are some “knit” items in here, but crocheters could definitely use them!¬†Worried the list is too long? Don’t worry! Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post and download the “Ultimate Crochet Checklist”! Also, check out the Facebook links at the end.

The Warning

Yes, this post comes with a warning… it has to. There are many things on this list that I didn’t even realize were out there. There is an insane amount of completely amazing handmade crochet related products out there!¬†I’ve added about 20 things to my wishlist… and my husband is not so happy. When you see the sheep and the wristlet… you’ll know what I mean! Just consider yourself warned before you proceed.

Crystalized Designs does not accept liability or responsibility for consequences the information contained within this post may cause!

And now…

the Ultimate Crochet List of Tools!

The Ultimate Crochet List is separated into 5 categories;

Crochet Essentials, Helpful Tools, Embellishments and Addons, Items for Gifting/Customers, and Other

11 Crochet Essentials of the Ultimate Crochet List of Tools

1) Hooks ~ Sold by Furls Crochet *** get 15% off using code: crystalized15
2) Yarn ~ Handmade by Yarn Baby, LLC
3) Scissors ~ Handmade by Mad Mad Me and will be stocking them again soon!
4) Computer/tablet/phone ~ ok, so you probably don’t NEED this but if you’re reading this, you have one ūüôā
5) Stitch Markers ~ Handmade by The Clay Sheep
6) Spiral Eye Yarn Needle ~ Sold by Spiral Eye Needles
7) Patterns ~ The Crochet Cafe offers round ups on all kinds of patterns
8) Yarn storage ~ this is my yarn storage system. Bins, totes, dressers, couches… all work for yarn storage ūüôā
9) Crochet Hook Case ~ Handmade by Melvis Makes
10) Fabric Pocket Tape Measure ~ Handmade by All About The Buttons
11) Double Sided Hooks/Tunisian Hooks/Afghan Hooks ~ Handmade by Brilliant Knitting 

Ultimate Crochet List ~ Helpful Tools

35 Helpful Tool of the Ultimate Crochet List of Tools

1) Yarnaholic Tote Bag ~ Handmade by My Bebe Cadum
2) Felting Needle ~ Handmade by Xiane
3) Wooden Sock Blockers ~ Handmade by Burning Impressions II
4) Yarn Susan ~ Handmade by Gosh-Yarn-It, LLC
5) The Elite Crochet Hook Organizer Workstation ~ Handmade by Chetnanigans
6) Millefiori Floral Polymer Clay Covered Ball Point Pen ~ Handmade by Polymer Clay Creations
7) The Pattern Partner ~ Handmade by Chetnanigans
8) Hairpin Lace Loom ~ Handmade by Handy Family
9) Broomstick Lace Loom ~ Handmade by¬†Mary’s Unique Gifts
10) Wrist Brace ~ Unfortunately, this may be in the first category for some people
11) Polyfill ~ Available at most craft stores
12) Fabric Stiffener ~ Available at most craft stores
13) Travel Crochet Hook Case ~ Handmade by¬†Sarah’s Stitches MI
14) Yarn Color Swatches ~ Tutorial by Crystalized Designs
15) White/Mint Green Twisted Leaf Yarn Bowl ~ Handmade by Blue Room Pottery

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16) Glue Gun ~ Available at most craft stores
17) Pom Pom Makers ~ Available at most craft stores
18) Large Creative Color Wheel ~ Sold by Handmade Craft Supply
19) Aqua Emery Pincushion ~Handmade by NAKPUNAR
20) Blocking Mat ~ Available at most craft stores
21) Rust Proof Pins ~ Available at most craft stores
22) Knit Blockers ~ Sold by Knitters Pride
23) Crochet Hook Grips ~ Handmade by¬†Bev’s Country Cottage
24) Granny Square Crochet Hook Gauge ~ Handmade by Katrinkles
25) Project Bag Wristlet ~ Handmade by Otterburn PQ with crochet labels upon request
26) Project Cards ~ Designed by Frogging Along
27) Goat/Sheep Yarn Storage Shelf ~ Handmade by AntGl
28) Yarn Swift ~ Sold by Knit Kits To Go
29) Yarn Ball Winder ~ Available at some crafts stores
30) Digital Row Counter ~ Handmade by Exchanging Fire
31) Rattan Mannequin Head ~ Handmade by Holy Cow Products
32) WPI Tool Kit ~ Handmade by¬†Grandma’s Knit and Crochet
33) Fabric Storage Tote ~ Handmade by Shaggy Baggy
34) Yarn Threader ~ Available at most craft stores
35) Cutter Pendant ~ Available at most craft stores

embellish and addons

13 Embellishments & Addons of the Ultimate Crochet List of Tools

1) Fabric/Fur/Burlap ~ Photo provided by Smalltown Dreamz
2) Buttons ~ Handmade by Mad Mad Me
3) Felties ~ Handmade by Smalltown Dreamz
4) Beads ~ Handmade by Lata Creations 
5) Shabby Chic Flowers ~ Handmade by Kelly Bowie Design
6) Purse Handles ~ Sold by Rare Finds 4 U
7) Shawl Pin ~ Handmade by That Blu Cat
8) Ribbon ~ Available at most craft stores
9) Zippers ~ Available at most craft stores
10) Doll joints ~ Available at most craft stores
11) Snaps/Fasteners ~ Available at most craft stores
12) Buckles/Slides/Frog Closures ~ Available at most craft stores
13) Doll Eyes ~ Available at most craft storesUltimate Crochet List ~ Items for Gifting and Customers

10 Items for Gifting/Customers of the Ultimate Crochet List of Tools

1) Personalized Crocheted By Stamp ~ Handmade by Talk to the Sun
2) Shipping Bags ~ Can be found at many general stores
3) Box Cuff Box and Wraps ~ Free printable by Frogging Along
4) Crochet Gift Labels ~ Free printable by Everything Etsy
5) Laundry Care Tags ~ Designed by Mad Mad Graphics
6) Thank You Notes ~ Designed by Mad Mad Graphics
7) Cup Cozy Template ~ Free printable by Frogging Along
8) Sizing Labels ~ Handmade by Mountain Street Arts
9) Personalized Sewing Labels ~ Handmade by Mountain Street Arts
10) Digital Scale ~ Available at most office stores

15 other things crocheters need

15 Other Things Crocheters Need of the Ultimate Crochet List of Tools

1) Comfy Crochet Area ~ Photo provided by Design by Katie Hanken
2) Time ~ Photo from The Community Link Party hosted by Pattern Paradise, The Hooked Haberdasher, The Purple Poncho and myself
3) Crochet Hook Earrings ~ Handmade by Jwhiz
4) A model… that smiles ~ Photo provided by me, Garden Friends Hoodlet pattern¬†designed by Sincerely Pam
5) Yarn Snob Mug (preferably filled with coffee!)~ Handmade by Precious Knits
6) Body Oil for those sore shoulders and hands (and preferably someone else to rub it in!) ~ Handmade by Skin Like Butter
7) Crochet T shirt ~ Handmade by Unicorn Tees
8) Crochet Raglan ~ Sold by Look Human
9) Friends/supporters that share in your joy ~ Photo provided by Design Wars
10) A padlock and a Do Not Disturb Sign ~ Padlock available in stores, Do Not Disturb Sign can be handmade or find an awesome one here
11) Background noise or complete silence ~ Which one are you?
12) ~ Receive yarn at your doorstep
13) Chocolate! Or any other type of snack (if that’s your thing… mine happens to be Good N Plenty candies and Twizzlers!)
14)¬†A Crochet Cruise ~ Didn’t know they exist? Check this out:¬†
15) and last, but especially not least: Creativity!

Think of something else that needs to be on this list? Comment below and I’ll add it on!

Any added list items will be posted here!

Embroidery Crochet Design          Spiral Eye Needles

I hope you enjoyed this list, I had an great time creating it!
Want a more condensed version? Download the one page PDF below!

>>> Ultimate Crochet List <<<

The businesses linked within the list would love to hear from you! Tell them how amazing their products are and please share them with other crochet enthusiasts. You’ll find several of the businesses Facebook pages below. Stop by and say hi, we all like to hear compliments on our products!

Facebook Links

Happy Crochet Hooks ~ Yarn Baby, LLC ~ Mad Mad Me ~ The Clay Sheep ~ The Crochet Cafe ~ Melvis Makes ~ All About The Buttons
My Bebe Cadum¬†~ Burning Impressions ~ Gosh Yarn It, LLC ~ Chetnanigans ~ Polymer Clay Creations ~ Handy Family ~ Sarah’s Stitches
Blue Room Pottery ~ NAKPUNAR ~ Knitters Pride ~¬†Bev’s Country Cottage ~ Katrinkles ~ Otterburn PQ ~¬†Frogging Along ~ Shaggy Baggy
Smalltown Dreamz ~ Frogging Along ~  Mad Mad Graphics ~ Mountain Street Arts ~ Design by Katie Hanken ~ Pattern Paradise
The Hooked Haberdasher ~ The Purple Poncho ~ Sincerely Pam ~ Skin Like Butter ~ Unicorn Tees ~ Look Human ~ Design Wars ~ Yarn Box

***All businesses listed within this post have given their permission for Crystalized Designs to use their photos for this post***

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  1. These add on items and accessories are great! I love your storage unit ideas. A lot of my skeins of yarn are too large to use that storage unit that you have a picture of, but I do have some that is perfect to store like that. I have large tote bags and come to think of it, I do have some empty totes. Thank you for posting everything. <3 Stay safe and stay home, if you can.

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