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Chetnanigans Hairpin Lace Loom ~ A Product Review

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Hairpin Lace Loom by Chetnanigans Crochet Product Tool Review by Crystalized Designs

Hairpin Lace crochet looks gorgeous! This delicate crochet technique can be used to create so many wonderful things ranging from clothing to home decor. But to create this unique look, you need more than just a crochet hook and yarn. You need a hairpin lace loom. Though you can find looms in most craft stores, I love my Chetnanigans Hairpin Lace Loom FA Edition! So what makes this one different than what can be bought in stores? First, if you’re making something handmade, you know the importance of handmade. Chetnanigans began back in 2015 with their first product being a one of these. From there, they’ve just grown with several more amazing crochet tools!

But is the product worthy?

Oh, yeah! Though I can’t comment on the Handcrafted Hairpin Lace Loom or the Handcrafted Hairpin Lace “Super” Loom, which have red oak hardwood rods, the Chetnanigans Hairpin Lace Loom FA Edition is my go-to loom when creating hairpin lace! This product has the aluminium rods, allowing for ease of use. With five settings, you have 15″ of space to create an abundance of hairpin lace loops! As shown in the picture below, you can see the loom full of 275 loops per each side using DK yarn. But I promise you, there’s room for more. Making something that requires an insane amount of loops?? You can always dangle loops off the end of any loom. Want a larger one? Chetnanigans also offers a Hairpin Lace “Super” Loom FA with aluminum rods as well!

Hairpin Lace Loom by Chetnanigans Crochet Product Tool Review by Crystalized Designs

If you’re in the market, want to upgrade, or even compare what you have already, I do recommend the FA (First Anniversary) Hairpin Lace Loom from Chetnanigans. This a great lightweight tool that can have you cranking out strips like a crazy crochet lady (or gentleman!) even if you’re just beginning.

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I can’t wait to get my hands on a “Super” loom and bring you more amazing hairpin lace patterns! But for now, check out the Hairpin Half Top on Raverly or Etsy. And be sure to keep an eye on the blog tomorrow (Monday, October 7th, 2019) for a brand-new freebie using this product! The freebie will also include a video tutorial on how to create hairpin lace if you’re never done it before. You can also find another amazing and unique tool review, the “Groove” Broomstick Lace Tool here. Not a fan of unique crochet tools? Chetnanigans offers a wide variety of products ranging from organizers, to blocking boards, to the Convertible Pattern Partner if you love to print patterns.

Chetnanigans Hairpin Lace Loom Tool Review by Crystalized Designs Chetnanigans Hairpin Lace Loom Tool Review by Crystalized Designs

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