April 21

Tips & Tricks for Hairpin Lace Crochet ~ A Tutorial

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Have you ever found yourself admiring hairpin lace crochet but too intimidated to try it? Or started to learn but want to know more? These 7 Tips & Tricks for Hairpin Lace Crochet are need-to-know information when using this technique!

Hairpin Lace Crochet Tips and Tricks by Crystalized Designs

Not sure how to create a strip of hairpin lace? Check out the Hairpin Lace Table Runner Free Crochet Pattern, video tutorial on how to create and join strips are included! Want to see what loom I love? Read the Chetnanigans Hairpin Lace Loom Review!

Hairpin Lace Loom by Chetnanigans Crochet Product Tool Review by Crystalized Designs


Want more? Check out the bonus tip on how to change colors in hairpin lace strips, or in my case, what to do when you run out of yarn. Check out the video or jump below it to see what tip starts at what segment in the video!


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What do you need?



Note: these tips and tricks are for standard single crochet hairpin lace. Though these tips work best for me, they may not for everyone.

Tips Tricks in Hairpin Lace Crochet

#1: (start at 0:03)

Mark the loom, or use a mark on the loom as an indication on which side to end with. This will ensure you have the same amount of loops on each side of the loom. No need to count both sides!

#2: (start at 3:08)

Tie contrast color yarn (or any color really) on loom prior to starting your first loop. This will enable you to store and work with your hairpin lace strip with ease! The strip and loops won’t be disorganized. (Not a fan of this? Check out Tip/Trick #5.)

#3: (Start at 4:45)

Counting your loops may be time consuming. If you have children that constantly need you, a significant other that likes to interrupt, and/or even if you’re easily distracted, this may be daunting. Tension is key here! Keep the same amount of tension will help with loops staying even on the loom. This tip shows how I count by pulling loops with my left hand simultaneously as I release them with my right hand.

#4: (start at 6:08)

Mark your loops! Not wanting to count your loops over and over? Use a Locking Stitch Marker to mark a loop at an easily remembered interval. And if needed, write down which loop that is. This is also helpful, and recommended, when taking loops off the loom to extend your strip (see #6).

#5: (start at 7:45)

Didn’t mark the loom prior to starting? Use a yarn needle and contrast yarn and weave through all the loops. Take care not to weave through the yarn and to catch all the loops.

#6: (start at 10:04)

Too many loops to continue with your strip comfortably? Extend your strip by removing the lower portion for loops. Make sure to tie them to the bottom of the loom by using the pre-strung yarn from step #1 or by weaving yarn from step #5. You won’t like a long strip dangling and in your way while you flip the loom constantly. Also, count and mark your loops before removing them. It’ll be insanely hard once their removed!

(Start at 14:23 to see loops removed)

#7: (start at 17:05)

Not using your loops right away? With yarn through each loop either by #1 or #5 and roll them up for easy, mess free storage!

Bonus Tip

(Start at 17:47) Changing color in hairpin lace crochet mid-strip? Run out of yarn before the strip is complete? No problem! You’ll change color like a normal single crochet (adding the new color on the last pull through of the stitch) while keeping tension on the tails. I do this by wrapping them around a lower post on the bottom of the loom until I have several loops on each side made. You can also hold and keep tension with your hand but flipping the loom may hinder this way.

Hairpin Lace Poncho Free Crochet Pattern by Crystalized Designs
Pattern coming soon!

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Tips and Tricks for Hairpin Lace Crochet by Crystalized Designs Tips and Tricks for Hairpin Lace Crochet by Crystalized Designs Tips and Tricks for Hairpin Lace Crochet by Crystalized Designs

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