July 22

Scheepjes Catona ~ A Yarn Review

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Scheepjes originally caught my eye with their vibrant blue Bloom yarn. And since working with their brand, I've been anxious to try more. Being summer, and my love for cotton garments, Scheepjes Catona was my next choice. Find more about what I thought in the Scheepjes Catona Yarn Review and what projects would work great using it!

Scheepjes Catona Yarn Review

Just like the Scheepjes Bloom yarn review stated, the blue hooked me (pun intended 😂). But with 100 colors to choose from, it's impossible to not find a color you're looking for!

Scheepjes Catona yarn Review

About Scheepjes Catona

I stated there's a 100 colors to choose from and that's a huge plus but there's more. This 4 ply, reasonable priced yarn goes for only $2.50 a skein with a 137 yards/125meters per each. With a blend of 100% mercerized cotton, it's a lovely light sport weight yarn can be machine washed.

What is Mercerized Cotton?

Simply put, it's a process of treating the cotton so the fibers swell then tighten. This results in a few extra pros verses non-mercerized cottons. The process results in a more lustrous finish because the dye takes better to the fibers as well as strengthens them. 

One down side with this treatment process is that it takes away some of the softness that natural cotton has. That being said, washing will soften mercerized fibers.

Catona Yarn Review by Crystalized Designs

Would I buy Catona again?

Absolutely! And I mentioned that mercerized cotton may not be as soft but I didn't notice a difference when working with it, nor did I notice a difference with it wearing it.... hint, hint! Yeah, that means a pattern is coming and it's a garment! 

Catona Yarn Review


I highly recommend checking out this yarn regardless of the project you have in mind. Garment, kitchen dish cloth, bag.... there's so many great choices for this yarn. 

Check out the Scheepjes Bloom review for another choice in this brand. 

This review is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Scheepjes. All opinions are my own. I hope you found this Scheepjes Catona Yarn Review helpful. Leave a comment below if you’ve used this yarn before and let me know what you think!

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Scheepjes Yarn Review Catona

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