January 3

2024 – Crochet with no wrist pain!

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Happy 2024! You may have been wondering why there hasn't been any new patterns released in over a year. Crochet with wrist pain is never fun. Let me tell you a little  of what's been going on and why crochet has not been part of my life for what seems like forever!

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Crochet with Wrist Pain

Back in 2018, I started noticing pain in my wrist any time I would crochet. At this point, it wasn't too difficult to push through and continue projects. But as time went on, the pain would increase in not only crocheting but doing household chores, even scrolling on my phone. I was completely convinced I had carpal tunnel but had heard surgery wasn't always beneficial so I refused to look further into it. By late 2021, I developed consistent pain in my elbow every time I would try to crochet. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with forearm tendonitis, which would also continuously flare up the longer I would crochet.

In late 2021, I just couldn't continue and I was devastated. 

There was only one pattern released in 2022, a cancer crochet challenge that I had participated in for several years and didn't want to miss out on. And that was the last crochet pattern I released since. But not the end of this story...

Mid 2023, I decided to push my doctor about the carpel tunnel. Several weeks of therapy that focused on my Ulnar nerve without any changes to my now constant daily pain. Testing was scheduled and I was relieved to move on to more potential solutions. 

The test results were not what I expected. I had undergone nerve and muscle testing and the specialist notified me right after the testing that everything looked great. My nerves and muscles didn't have anything wrong with them. The specialist recommended I had my neck looked at. 

Several months went by before I was forced into finding the problem. Out of nowhere, I developed neck pain on my right side. It was so severe that I had a hard time focusing on my children, my house, my work. The multiple doctor and urgent care visits resulted in nothing being done besides undergoing therapy again, this time for my neck and not my wrist. 

At one particular doctor visit, I had an x-ray taken of my neck and shoulder. This showed a straightening in my cervical lordosis and C5-C6 disc herniation. A turning point in my recovery. 

After several weeks of therapy, several visits to the chiropractor, I've finally found relief. I can finally crochet! And while my little one keeps asking for another polar bear, I think I'll be spending this year adding to his crocheted fur animals. Be on the lookout for those!

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Crochet with Wrist Pain - No More!

I intend to continue with the suggested stretches for my neck, as well as monthly chiropractor visits to ensure the wrist pain while crocheting doesn't come back. Fingers crossed. And I hope that if you have similar pain, this may reduce or remove yours with neck exercises and a chiropractor!

To start the new year and offer an apologize for the lack of pattern releases, please take 30% off any Ravelry or Etsy patterns through January 8th. 

Wishing you a crochet-filled new year!

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  1. I'm so glad you're feeling better and have no wrist pain! We are so lucky that you share! I'm with your little one, I love that polar bear! 😉

  2. Hello.
    May I ask what specific exercises you are doing to relieve your pain? I and my mother-in-law have similar pains and would like relief as well. If we can try these same exercises and get some relief, that would be awesome.
    Anything would be appreciated.
    Shari. [email protected]

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