January 12

Candy Shop Crochet Hook Review

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It was earlier last year that Furls Crochet hooked me (haha, pun intended)! Now, I really couldn't imagine myself using any other brand of hook... ever! And I know those that use Furls hooks have their favorites, but that's like picking a favorite child to me. Each hook type has it's perfect use... even if it is just to match hook and yarn. Let's take a look at what I think of this hook in the Furls Candy Shop Crochet Hook Review.

Colorful Candy Shop Crochet Hooks

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Furls Crochet Candy Shop Hook Review

About Furls Candy Shop Crochet Hooks

These Candy Shop hooks are a colorful addition in the Furls store . These hooks are made of resin and coated in auto-body paint which give it a sparkle like none other! Each hook costs $49 before any discounts or sales. If you're looking for a short and light-weight hook, these are the ones for you! Measuring at 5 3/4" in length, these stunning hooks are comparable to the Alpha hooks with size and weight.

Would I buy wooden Streamline again?

I don't think my husband would be happy if I bought more after having a complete set. With only one color per size, one set is enough. Now, if something happened to one of them, with young kids and all, I wouldn't hesitate replacing it!

Crochet Hooks Furls Candy Shop


I've had a few of them squeak but specific yarns, but the hair trick worked wonders for that! (Don't know the hair trick? Rub your hair on a squeaking hook and the oils from your hair will fix or reduce the annoying noise.) I would highly recommend the Candy Shop hooks to anyone that likes shorter, light-weight, and wants a rainbow of colored hooks!

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Furls Candy Shop Crochet Hook Review

This review is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Furls Crochet. All opinions are my own. I hope you found this Furls Candy Shop Hook Review helpful. Leave a comment below if you’ve used any Furls Crochet Hook before and let me know what you think!

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Candy Shop Crochet Hook Review Furls by Crystalized Designs

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