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Creating and Using a Candle Sleeve Form for a Crocheted Sleeve ~ A Crafty Tutorial

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The need for creating a crocheted candle sleeve to decorate with has been on my to do list for a while now. Though finding a stitch combo that really called to me wasn’t horribly trying, but how to get that sleeve to take the perfect shape was the difficult part. I went through several attempts before creating, and using, this candle form for my crocheted candle sleeve. cylinder form for crocheted candle sleeve All you need to know how to recreate this sleeve form is in this tutorial. To jump straight to the video on how to create the form, click here . To get to the video on how to use the form, click here. Or keep reading.

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This sleeve form was created for the Unconditional Love Candle Sleeve Crochet Pattern, the first sleeve pattern of many to come!

Creating a Sleeve Form

Materials Needed for Making a Sleeve Form:



How to Create Form:

    1. First, cut down plastic if needed. The plastic needs to be at least 11″ width, 8″ height. If the width is larger than 11″, edges can overlap when putting together. Cutting down is not needed.
    2. Also, if cut down, find the straightest 11″ edge. That will be the bottom. Mark a line on the inside as close to the bottom as possible using the ruler/straight edge and permanent marker. Using a cutting mat with measurement markings helps!!
    3. Then, using the cutting mat’s markings, line up bottom line with 0. Draw a line across the 11″ width at 5″, 6″, and 7″. (More will be needed if candles vary from the standard 4″, 5″ and 6″ height. If candles being used are a different height, add 1 inch to what they are and draw a line at that height.)
    4. Finally, roll with markings on inside of plastic matching the edges if cut length is 11″. If larger, overlap to form a 11″ circumference. Using packaging tape, secure outside. It’s helpful to add tape to one side, then carefully align markings and secure opposite side. Add tape on the inside to help maintain the circular shape.

How to Create a Candle Sleeve Form Video Tutorial:

To get to the video on how to use the form, click here.

Using the Sleeve Form

  using a candle sleeve form for crocheted piece You have your form. You have your crocheted piece. Now what? Easy! With a few supplies and a bit of waiting, you’ll have yourself a candle sleeve in no time!

Materials Needed for Making a Sleeve:
How to Use the Form:
  1.  First, add a liberal amount of fabric stiffener to a small container.
  2. Thoroughly saturate crochet piece in fabric stiffener. Massage stiffener into piece and add more if needed.
  3. Then, starting at the seam on the sleeve form, pin edge starting at one short end and stretch entire piece around and pin in place. Work your way around pinning top and bottom according to markings. (Large Candle will need to be pinned to the top line, etc.)
  4. In addition, let dry overnight or according to stiffener directions.
  5. Then, carefully remove pins from form. If any area of the sleeve is not hardened, reinsert pins and add more stiffener to that section. Start drying process again.
  6. Lastly, using extra thread, sew short edges together to complete the cylinder shape.   

How to Create the Candle Sleeve Video Tutorial:  

You can find a motif that’s perfect for stiffening here. Balloon Tutorial can be found here

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