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Lion Brand Jeans ~ A Yarn Review

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Lion Brand Jeans Yarn Product Review by Crystalized DesignsBack in early January, Lion Brand hooked me with their Jeans yarn! (Total pun intended!) Though I knew from the first feel this yarn would be soft, it wasn’t until I was actually crocheting with it did I fully appreciate how soft this yarn really is. As I design, I tend to loose myself in the project. Is the fit right? Does the stitches look good? Am I writing the pattern out correctly as I work? The feel of the yarn normally gets lost on me as I’m creating. With Lion Brand Jeans Yarn though, there were many times as I was working that I lost myself in the feel of the working yarn running between my fingers.


No joke, this is A-MAZING yarn!!! With just the feel of it, I never would have guessed it’s 100% acrylic. If there’s one way I’d describe it, it would be this: Imagine all acrylic yarns as women with long flowing hair. Now imagine them using just generic shampoo to cleanse their hair, still brush-able but nothing like when using conditioner. (Do you use conditioner? I couldn’t live without it!) Lion Brand Jeans is the woman that uses top of the line, the best money can buy, conditioner… THAT is how I imagine Lion Brand Jeans Yarn! And the design I create – which will be releasing tomorrow – is as lovely to wear as it was to crochet!

So yes, I’m putting this 100% acrylic Lion Brand yarn on a pedestal!

Lion Brand Jeans Yarn Product Review by Crystalized Designs

Lion Brand Jeans yarn comes in 7 amazing, denim related colors. With 246 yards (225 meters), there’s plenty of yarn in one skein for those smaller to medium projects. And like I mentioned above, I haven’t used an acrylic yarn that matches it’s silky feel.

Lion Brand Jeans Yarn Product Review by Crystalized Designs

I’m not sure about you but if you cheek-rub your yarn, definitely try with Lion Brand Jeans… and then imagine it even soft because I cheek rub doesn’t give you the full effect!

The only slightly disappointing aspect to this skein is the fact that every time I attempted to get a center pull, I ended up with a huge mess! I ran across no splits or breaks in the 6 skeins I worked with, no unevenness, no discoloration. The no center-pull doesn’t hinder my love for this yarn! And I see now they have Jeans Colors… can’t wait to get my hands on that!! I really wish Lion Brand would come out with non-denim, standard colors of this yarn because I would really want to use nothing else!

I hope you find this yarn as scrumptious as I did! Have you worked with it? Drop me a line in the comments below on what you think of it!


Lion Brand Jeans Review by Crystalized Designs

Lion Brand Jeans Review by Crystalized Designs

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