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Melted Snowman Scrubby ~ A Free Crochet Pattern

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By my last two posts, you know I love snowmen (and I decorate with them in my kitchen and dining area for the holiday season). I know I’m not the only one that loves these guys! I couldn’t resist making a melted snowman scrubby crochet pattern! Being quick to work up and using a small amount of yarn, you can make several in a short amount of time. They’re great as gifts, an eye-catching product for craft fairs, or fun basket filler!


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Find a Reverse Single Crochet Tutorial here for when making the Snowman’s beanie. Looking for more snowmen patterns? Check out Crispen the Snowman or Cole the Kid Snowman!


Melted Snowman Scrubby

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Melted Snowman Scrubby Free Crochet Pattern by Crystalized Designs Melted Snowman Scrubby Free Crochet Pattern by Crystalized Designs Melted Snowman Scrubby Free Crochet Pattern by Crystalized Designs Melted Snowman Scrubby Free Crochet Pattern by Crystalized Designs

3 comments on “Melted Snowman Scrubby ~ A Free Crochet Pattern

  1. Sharon Glover

    Thank you for allowing free access yo crochet patterns. I am just learning on my own and hope to find this helpful. So thanks agai !

  2. Christy Blandford

    found this adorable snowman scrubby and have spent the last two hours trying to figure out how to PRINT it as it is supposed to be FREE. I do not want to download Google Chrome or anything else. I went to Ravelry and they said I had to pay $3 for this pattern.

    • The directions are free on this page. For an ad-free PDF, there’s a small fee. I’m not sure which browser you’re using but most offer a print option.

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