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How to Make a Pom Pom

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Looking to add a bit of personality to your next crochet project? Add a pom pom! Creating these little balls of fun is as easy as one, two, three. Or template, wrap, secure! Continue reading to learn how to make pom pom without a pom pom maker.
Handmade Pom Poms

Yes, there are pom pom makers out there. And while I do recommend having them in your crafty toolbag, you may be looking to make one now. Keep keep reading and find out exactly how easy it is to create your own with household tools. 


  • Thick cardboard, cardstock, or something similar
  • Sharp scissors
  • Drawing compass or household circular objects (*see note below)
  • Pencil
  • Yarn, ribbon, streamers, etc 

If you don't have a drawing compass, find something circular that has a slightly larger circumference as the size you want to make your pom pom to be. Then, find a smaller circular object. You'll see why soon! Cans, plates, coins, are all things that can be used.

pom pom step 1

Tips For Creating Your Pom Pom Template

By using a compass, you have the ability to create precise sizes. Using household items limits the size options depending on what you find around that can be used. 

If you're using a household item and can't find one with the exact measurements that you're looking for, go with a larger object. This will allow you to trim down your pom pom to the size you want. 

This is just one way to make a pom pom without a pom pom maker. There are several templates and tools that can be used in addition to this method.

Looking to Make an Exact Size?

If you're looking to make an exact size, there's a bit of math involved. If your not worried about creating a specific size, feel free to skip this part!

The pom pom template has two circles. Using a drawing compass is extremely helpful because you have a center point to keep the circles perfectly within each other. The center circle diameter that is cut out, needs to be subracted from the outer circle diameter. That will give you the size of your pom pom. 

Example: if the radius of the larger grey circle is 2" and the smaller white circle is 1/2", when my pom pom is made, the pom pom size will be slightly larger than 1 1/2". It'll be larger because the yarn will fill in part of the space.

If you're using a compass, also keep in mind that you need to set the radius as it measures from the center of the circle outwards.

Using the example above, the larger grey circle would need to be set at 1" and the smaller inner circle would be set at 1/4". 

Want less math when you craft? Just make it larger and trim it down to size!

Making a Pom Pom Template

To create a pom pom template, gather your materials with the exception of the yarn. That will be used once the template is created. 

You'll be creating two circles. 

First, we need to figure out what size we want to create.

If you're using a compass, set it to half of the size you want to create. In my example, I'm making a 2" pom pom so I've set my compass to 1.25" with the center circle being .5". (My compass also has cm on the opposite side if that's your preferred measurement.)

Either outer or inner circle can be create first but try to keep the center as closely aligned as possible.

pom pom step 2
pom pom step 3

1. Draw a circle the size of the pom pom you want to create taking in account the inner circle.

2. Draw the smaller circle on the inside with both centers as close as possible.

pom pom step 6

3. Cut out the larger circle.

pom pom step 7

4. Cut out the inner circle and increase the cut line made to cut the inside. The end result should look like a C.

pom pom step 9
pom pom step 10

5. Trace and cut out a second C shape. The template is now Created!

How to Use the Template

pom pom step 11
pom pom step 12

1. Put both shapes back to back and start wrapping yarn around the shape. Take care to secure the tail under a few wraps before letting it go.

pom pom step 13
pom pom step 14

2. Continuously wrap yarn around the templates. More yarn will give you a more full pom pom whereas little yarn with give you a sad, floppy pom pom. Leave the corners bare. Feel free to bend the template as you wrap your yarn!

pom pom step 15
pom pom step 16

3. Once yarn is completely around the template, insert your scissors between two template pieces and cut around the C shape. Keep a decent hold on the corners that weren't wrapped so the strands don't fall off the template.

pom pom step 17
pom pom step 18

4. Using a long piece of matching yarn, secure the pom pom by wrapping and knotting the piece of yarn between the two templates.

5. Remove the two C shape templates.

pom pom step 19

6. Trim your pom pom up leaving the tails for an easy way to sew on any project. 

And that's it! Either save your pom poms for a later use or add it to a project right away!

Video Tutorial

And that, my friend, is how you make a pom pom without a pom pom maker!

Do you have pom pom makers but not sure how to use them? My good friend Pam from Sincerely Pam has an amazing video showing how to use them. Check it out here

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